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お願い営業 Desperate Sales, Pleading Sales Talk (Non-member)
てん補率 compensatory rate Troy Fowler
収支相等の原則 principle of equalization of income and expenditure (Non-member)
受再 assuming reinsurance (Non-member)
名寄否契約 consodiated approval Lys Nguyen
報状 report (Non-member)
変額個人年金保険 individual variable annuity insurance OneTa
官署支出官 disbursing officer (Non-member)
帯同者 Accompanying person(s) (Non-member)
一種代理店 captive agents/agencies SLMorales
一時投入保険料 single additional premium conejo
年金原資 nennkin-genshi Pension resources (Non-member)
年金払定期付積立型変額保険 savings type variable rate insurance with regular annuity Shobhana Chandu
人身障害 / 対人賠償 Personal injury protection / bodily injury liability SLMorales
事故者 Party (parties) to an (the) accident (Non-member)
住宅瑕疵担保責任保険 Example: latent defects insurance (Non-member)
従被保険者 secondary insured [person/party] (Non-member)
保発 7・庁保発 3 Notification issued by..... Christine Schmitt
保険金・給付金 insurance payout/cash benefits or cash payouts (Non-member)
ファンドを多く積み立てる保険 Insurance that accumulates a large cash fund conejo
ニーズ顕在型 overt/obvious needs (Non-member)
備金計上 earmarking for the fund reserved (Non-member)
全国土木建築国民健康保険組合 National Health Insurance Association/Society of Engineering and Construction Contractors (Non-member)
公負・公受 source and recipient of public subsidy (Non-member)
前年伸展率 year on year growth rate SLMorales
団子計上 gross sum (Non-member)
団体生命移行共済 group life insurance after retirement(Dantai Seimei Ikou Kyosai) (Non-member)
社保 employee health insurance Duncan Adam
社員代替 replacement employee Vladys
編注・現行 (Note by editor: Currentl Article 87) Christine Schmitt
給付金額 Insurance amount paid out (Non-member)
無許可共済 unlicensed cooperative insurers (Non-member)
過失割合 percentage of fault (Non-member)
行うことで see explanation ...
財形年金保険設計書作成 prepare/draw up plan for asset-formation annuity insurance (Non-member)
責任開始期以後 On or after the effective date of coverage (Non-member)
費消事故 embezzlement/misappropriation (Non-member)
自己負担額 out of pocket expenses (Non-member)
通算企業年金額 Amount of portable corporate pension Erzsébet Czopyk
残存年数20年以内の保険契約 policies with under 20 years of remaining coverage (Non-member)