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Cuique in arte sua credendum Each man, in his own skill/art, must be given credit (must be believed) (Non-member)
dum vivimus, vivamus, labore et honore while we live(are alive) let us live by work and honor (Non-member)
e tenebris in lucem voco from the darkness I cry/call to the light (Non-member)
fluctuat nec mergitur it may fluctuate, but it does not sink (Non-member)
foied vinom pipafo cra carefo today I shall drink wine, tomorrow I shall do without' (Non-member)
Modestia virōs et puerōs, feminās et puellās ōrnat Moderation adorns men and boys, women and girls Rebecca Garber
modus induendi way/style of dressing sarahca
nemo me impune lacessit /Eureka, mottoes No one attacks me with impunity,Scotland & the Order of the Thistle motto /Eureka:I have found it, the state of California motto (Non-member)
non capit orbis does not fit in the (wide) world Michael Powers (PhD)
Parcere subjectis. [To] spare the conquered (Non-member)
Parentibus optimis quibus si quid habeo acceptum refero. To the best parents (in the world) to whom I owe for everything I have. (Non-member)
quis separabit? who shall separate us? motto of the Order of St. Patrick (Non-member)
quod extra potuit interius potuisset the things he could operate on the outside (of me/us), he might operate on the inside as well (Non-member)
trans freti saevi murum across the wall of raging waves (Non-member)
Tu tua fac cures — caetera mitte Deo. Take care of your own affairs--leave the rest to God. (Non-member)
Vive moribus praeteritis, loquere verbis praesentibus. Live according to the customs of the past, but speak in today's language (Non-member)