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Term Translation Entered by
ingeniería inicial (contemplated) when it was originally conceived / at the time of its conception Jenni Lukac
"El sentido cabe existencia del Dasein" (title of an academic journal article) Meaning and Existence of Dasein Marco Ramón
adyace is in line with / runs parallel to /underpins (Non-member)
algoritmización algorithmization Kate Major
alimenta de su propio veneno feeds on its own poison patinba
alli` donde descanse la suela su figura de Progreso wherever the figure of Progress leaves its footprint (Non-member)
ambito privado private sphere Crystal Samples
analéctica analectic Rowan Morrell
aporías aporias (Non-member)
aquella que pudiesen server de ‘modelo’ trying to choose a single 'model' James A. Walsh
arrojar entail (Non-member)
asesorar is the core/origin of the second/gives rise to (Non-member)
ataraxia ataraxia / imperturbability (Non-member)
aura aura (Non-member)
autoinmunizante self-immunizing (Non-member)
avanza a remolque is pulled / dragged along Kate Major
ética de situación situation ethics (Non-member)
brújula y norte compass and pole star / north star (Non-member)
caen collapse (Non-member)
caro (in this context) dear (Non-member)
catatronías catachronic Charles Davis
como lo fuera en su momento ... in the way that .... did in successive ages (Non-member)
conceder gracias grant (royal) graces (and favours) Marina Menendez
constancia de la naturleza humana [that] human nature is constant/fixed/immutable (Non-member)
constatacion de una ruptura verification or confirmation of a rupture (Non-member)
continencia containment / self-containment ...
correlato correlate (Non-member)
Darle a toro pasado a los vencidos la razón agree with the defeated when there’s nothing to lose Mercedes Rizzuti
de la segunda naturaleza of second nature/of \"second nature\" Sian Cooper
Decantar la materia purify matter / one\'s material self (Non-member)
desacreditado (having become ) discredited (Non-member)
desalejador de-severant / de-distancing Charles Davis
desarmadero de Descartes Descartes's deconstruction Rita Tepper
desde un punto exterior, consecuente o ya sea extravagante on exterior, consequent or even extravagant grounds (Non-member)
DESLIMITACIÓN unlimiting (Non-member)
discronías dyschrony (Non-member)
dixit sayeth Michael Powers (PhD)
dunas y dunas arenales fueron el Principio. dunes and sand dunes were the Beginnning (Non-member)
ejerce su habitar exercises its dwelling BristolTEc
El alma no nace ni muere The soul is neither born nor dies (Non-member)