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con cargo al cual which will be drawndown (from the mortgage loan) / which will be charged Smartranslators
Garantía hipotecaria convencional de primer grado first-ranking mortgage (Non-member)
Introduzca criterios de búsqueda y aparecerán los inmuebles coincidentes. Enter search criteria to show/display matching properties ...
otorgando a su favor carta de pago issuing him/her/them/you with a receipt Charles Davis
quinto de tierra portion of land (Non-member)
"como anejo de uso compartido paracial comun" as a partial common use annex ...
"Consorcio de copropietarios" association of co-owners (Non-member)
"demandar o hacer colaciones" seek or make distributions bringing into hotchpot (Non-member)
"partida inmobiliaria" real estate entry (No.) (Non-member)
"Unidad funcional" functional unit (Non-member)
'Expediente: Libres' Application (Insurance Proposal) - Exempt & Clear (Payments) (Non-member)
'linea de trazado' survey line swisstell
'reaseguros de daños' damage reinsurance swisstell
'reserva de dominio' reservation of right of legal ownership (Non-member)
'seguro acogido al defensor del asegurado' (insurance) contract covered under the insurance ombudsman bureau scheme (Non-member)
( unir o dividir ) horizontal o verticalmente to consolidate or split / partition ... along horizontal or vertical lines (Non-member)
(no) inmatriculada not registered in the Land Registry (Non-member)
...en el que aquellas y ésta... ... in which the former and the latter ... Michael Powers (PhD) mas gravosas que las que procedan legalmente en perjuicio de los ... more onerous than those already legally binding upon the... AllegroTrans
20,000 hectáreas de botín 20,000 hectares of juicy pickings Noni Gilbert
479 metros cuadrados efectivamente construidos 479 square meters actually built Mónica Algazi
a colindar con adjoining (Non-member)
a edificios de propiedad horizontal horizontal property / condominium ownership buildings swisstell
a escoger (buyer's/your) choice (of) (Non-member)
a expensas de su sociedad de gananciales with community property funds (Non-member)
a la fuerza ahorcan you have to grin and bear it/you have to put up with it Edward Tully
a los días de su autenticación days after its authentication (Non-member)
a partir de with regard to / based on (Non-member)
a portera cerrada Walk-In Walk-Out (WIWO) Mónica Algazi
a su paso por in his/her/its way to (Non-member)
a título de compra through a purchase Michael Powers (PhD)
a título de transferencia de dominio por beneficio fiduciario as a transfer of title to the Buyer as trust beneficiary (Non-member)
a título enunciativo as stated/declared (Non-member)
A!A AC Elizabeth Niklewska
A.P.I. A.P.I. (Agentes de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria / Real Estate Agents) (Non-member)
absorción propia own absorption//own assimilation//own placement/placing (of the available office space) (Non-member)
Abuso de Derecho Abuse of Process (Non-member)
acabados de lujo deluxe finishing (Non-member)
accesorías commercial unit (Non-member)
Acción ejecutiva ordinaria (mortgage) repossession (Non-member)