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de la iglesia asuncena the church of Asunción (Non-member)
"Como podré pagarle todo el bien que me has hecho" How can I repay the Lord for all the good he has done for me? (Non-member)
'Reponso'/ Spanish to English! Responsory (Non-member)
....del empeño y del amor de muchos laicos comprometidos of the toils and love of many committed laymen (Non-member)
a la merced de at the mercy of (Non-member)
a una together (pull together) (Non-member)
abandonarse a las manos de Dios put one\'s life in the hands of God Cristina Heraud-van Tol
abocados a la desaparición destined for oblivion Bill Greendyk
acercamiento a la historia personal getting in touch with one\'s personal story (life, circumstances) silviantonia
acontecimiento cristiano Christianity / Christian practice Charles Davis
advocaciones devotion (or devotions) (Non-member)
agentes de pastoral pastoral workers / pastoral servants (Non-member)
aislados secluded individuals Gad Kohenov
al 100% to the fullest Rene Ron
al cielo con ella. to heaven/paradise with her (Virgen Mary) (Non-member)
al momento de cantarse la gloria at the time of singing the songs of praise Yvonne Becker
al uso (in this context) of our age Sheila Hardie
Alabada seas, niña... ¡Bendita seas! May God bless you, you poor thing, and keep you. Yvonne Becker
Alabanza y adoración praise and worship (Non-member)
alba ceñida alb secured around the waist Eileen Brophy
algo eterno haya dado comienzo a lo finito something eternal must have given rise to our finite universe (Non-member)
amancebamiento Concubinage Robert Mavros
anciano elder (Non-member)
apachita (apacheta) sacred cairns (pile of stones in honor of Pachamama) Taña Dalglish
APOSENTILLO small chamber (Non-member)
artesa wooden trough Noni Gilbert
asamblea assembly (Non-member)
asombro (en este contexto) awe Andrea Ali
auxilios espirituales spiritual aids (Non-member)
Ave María Purísima sin pecado concebida Hail purest Mary, conceived without sin Smartranslators
ayer y hoy The prophets of Israel yesterday and today (Non-member)
ayuda de Parroquia filial church (Non-member)
azora 5 -“La mesa servida”- aleya 4 the served table Edward Tully
¡Cada uno dé como propuso en su corazón, porque DIOS ama al dador alegre! Let each give as his heart dictates, because God loves a joyous giver (Non-member)
¿Pues qué os pudiera contar, señora, de los secretos ... What things I could tell you, my lady, of the secrets Wendy Streitparth
“Si no tienes más que un servidor, trátalo como a un hermano, porque lo necesita If you have but one slave, treat him like a brother, for you will need him as you need your life. (Non-member)
Bendición y reserva Benediction / reservation (of the Blessed Sacrament) ...
Beneficiado (religious context) Incumbent Mariano M. Vitetta
besapié the kissing of the feet DLyons
bienaventurada Blessed (real blessed hope). (Non-member)