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de la iglesia asuncena the church of Asunción (Non-member)
"Como podré pagarle todo el bien que me has hecho" How can I repay the Lord for all the good he has done for me? (Non-member)
'Reponso'/ Spanish to English! Responsory (Non-member)
....del empeño y del amor de muchos laicos comprometidos of the toils and love of many committed laymen (Non-member)
a la merced de at the mercy of (Non-member)
a una together (pull together) (Non-member)
abandonarse a las manos de Dios put one\'s life in the hands of God Cristina Heraud-van Tol
abocados a la desaparición destined for oblivion Bill Greendyk
acercamiento a la historia personal getting in touch with one\'s personal story (life, circumstances) silviantonia
acontecimiento cristiano Christianity / Christian practice Charles Davis
advocaciones devotion (or devotions) (Non-member)
agentes de pastoral pastoral workers / pastoral servants (Non-member)
aislados secluded individuals Gad Kohenov
al 100% to the fullest (Non-member)
al cielo con ella. to heaven/paradise with her (Virgen Mary) (Non-member)
al momento de cantarse la gloria at the time of singing the songs of praise (Non-member)
al uso (in this context) of our age (Non-member)
Alabada seas, niña... ¡Bendita seas! May God bless you, you poor thing, and keep you. (Non-member)
Alabanza y adoración praise and worship (Non-member)
alba ceñida alb secured around the waist Eileen Brophy
algo eterno haya dado comienzo a lo finito something eternal must have given rise to our finite universe (Non-member)
amancebamiento Concubinage Robert Mavros
anciano elder (Non-member)
apachita (apacheta) sacred cairns (pile of stones in honor of Pachamama) (Non-member)
APOSENTILLO small chamber (Non-member)
artesa wooden trough Noni Gilbert
asamblea assembly (Non-member)
asombro (en este contexto) awe Andrea Ali
auxilios espirituales spiritual aids (Non-member)
Ave María Purísima sin pecado concebida Hail purest Mary, conceived without sin Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
ayer y hoy The prophets of Israel yesterday and today (Non-member)
Ayoi con ristra ayoi [animal skin headdress] with string (Non-member)
ayuda de Parroquia filial church (Non-member)
azora 5 -“La mesa servida”- aleya 4 the served table Edward Tully
¡Cada uno dé como propuso en su corazón, porque DIOS ama al dador alegre! Let each give as his heart dictates, because God loves a joyous giver (Non-member)
¿Pues qué os pudiera contar, señora, de los secretos ... What things I could tell you, my lady, of the secrets Wendy Streitparth
“Si no tienes más que un servidor, trátalo como a un hermano, porque lo necesita If you have but one slave, treat him like a brother, for you will need him as you need your life. (Non-member)
Bendición y reserva Benediction / reservation (of the Blessed Sacrament) ...
Beneficiado (religious context) Incumbent Mariano M. Vitetta
besapié the kissing of the feet DLyons