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Term Translation Entered by
señalización marítima maritime signaling William Pairman
cabo a bordo empujando combining tugs made fast by hawsers (onboard (the tugs))and pushing and tugs just pushing Aquamarine76
roscados a tope fully tightened S Ben Price
SACAR NAVE A LA GIRA to take a boat/vessel/craft on a trip/voyage/sail (Non-member)
viento entablado steady wind/settled wind (Non-member)
(Argentina) de rada o ria (coastal,) bay and estuary fishing fleets guillen
(quedando) fondeada con proa al N-Ne anchored heading NNE (Non-member)
(ZONA DE) FONDEO A LA GIRA give a wide berth so ship swings at anchor / berth to swing at anchor Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
... donde se ha producido el socorro ... where the distress signal originated from (Non-member)
a golpes hammered in (Non-member)
a la cuadra on the beam (Non-member)
A la voz hailing Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
a mano contraria as a mirror image/ right and left handed S Ben Price
A.B. (arqueo bruto) gross tonnage Charles Davis
A.N. (arqueo neto) net tonnage Charles Davis
AA CC AC (Non-member)
Abanderamiento Vs Matrícula Flag registry, call number and registration number (Non-member)
abastecer una red de aire auxiliar para el trabajo en taller y terminales para conexionado de herramientas neumáticas provide the necessary compressed air circuit and connection points terminals for pneumatic tools in the workshop Michael Powers (PhD)
abolardado moored S Ben Price
Abordajes. Collisions at Sea (Non-member)
abosadores [abozadores] stoppers Robert Carter
abra opening (Non-member)
abreviacion ee.pp. enfermedades profesionales / occupational diseases / work-related accidents and illnesses Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
acertar con el bordo bueno taking the right tack Simon Bruni
acoderarla moor it Charles Davis
acoderó en el muelle moored to the pier with (bow and stern) cross spring lines (Non-member)
acogido a la concesión granted under the concession Óscar Delgado Gosálvez
acomodación accomodation/capacity [crew] Patricia Gutiérrez
acondicionamiento packing Parrot
acotamiento mapping Lavinia Pirlog
actitudes inmovilistas y depredadoras. stubborn/intransigent and predatory attitudes (Non-member)
adobar las antenas y las velas. Refit/repair spars and sails Peter Guest
ADUANA MARITIMA Maritime Customs (Non-member)
aduja coil Noni Gilbert
agenciamiento marítimo shipping agency (Non-member)
agente corresponsal International Freight Forwarder (Non-member)
agentes usuarios marítimos shipping agents and carriers (Non-member)
aguantar con máquina hold (her in) position / steady with the engine(s) Charles Davis
aguas marítimas maritime waters Todd Field
Aireaciones y sondas Aeration and sounding/probing Edward Tully