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Term Translation Entered by
contando con el aval is backed by (Non-member)
dentro de las finalidades to ensure (Non-member)
el atraso (en este contexto) backwardness (Non-member)
vagos idler Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
"Al Museo en familia" Family Museum Fun Cinnamon Nolan
"única sala" Single Court (Non-member)
"bautizada" doctored (Non-member)
"hacer un pinche" tap (the phone) Neil Ashby
"han quedado en un punto de avance" "have been stalled" (Non-member)
(el) todo social the social whole (Non-member)
(han convertido en contra) poderes con funciones estatales have turned into counterpowers with state functions (Non-member)
(lo que suele) ser atribuido a una falla del mercado. which is usually attributed to a market failure (Non-member)
(lograr una) salida negociada al conflicto armado interno (to achieve) a negotiated way out to the internal armed conflict (Non-member)
(que busca) maximizar su bienestar personal (who is aiming to /attempting to / setting out to) maximize his personal/individual well-being (Non-member)
a base de frotarnos grata o dolorosamente con through our painful or pleasant encounters/friction with... (Non-member)
a cuestas on their backs (Non-member)
a escala de registro individualized record garci
a lo que se recurre habitualmente (what researchers) usually fall back on Marcelo González
a medida que (in this context) as Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
a nivel de bases at grassroot level (Non-member)
a nivel departamental y municipal at minicipal and departmental level (Non-member)
a partir de su problemática social based on their social problematics (Non-member)
años de proceso after XX years of attempted progress (Non-member)
años de vida potencial perdidos years of life expectancy lost (Non-member)
abanderado pioneer (Non-member)
abanderado standard -bearer (Non-member)
ABG. = Abogado Attorney-at-Law (Non-member)
acantonamientos cantonments, quarters Michael Powers (PhD)
acceso al mercado de trabajo urbanizado acceso al mercado de trabajo urbanizado Robert Forstag
acciones de hecho acts perpetrated/committed by (Non-member)
Acciones institucionales (ver contexto) action taken by institutions Noni Gilbert
acciones sentidas movement awareness (Non-member)
acompañada por el reino del dinero y de la empresa together with the power of money and big business (Non-member)
acompañamiento laboral labor accompanying (US) / labour accompanying (BE) (Non-member)
acompañar to support (Non-member)
Acta No. Record # | Record number (Non-member)
Actas municipales de inscripción Municipal registration records (Non-member)
Actitudes alicortas shortsighted attitudes (Non-member)
actividades de reencuentro con su historia activities that bring/put people back in touch with their history Jenni Lukac
actoría y actor social actorship and social actor (Non-member)