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Term Translation Entered by
destartarización detartrating (of wine) Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
haciéndola más Premium (reposition it) as a premium, global brand (Non-member)
tiene entrada fácil y placentera ...with a pleasant, easy entry (on the palate)... (Non-member)
una tela de encaje (perfectly balanced in the mouth,) with the intricacy of fine lace (Non-member)
(uva) pasificada sun-dried (grapes) (Non-member)
(vino) nervioso nervous (wine) William Pairman
, y con un gran paso de boca with a great palate Aquamarine76
15 A 20 dan (fuerza de extraccion) daN - deca Newton (unit of tensile strength) Aquamarine76
a la altura de las circunstancias of equally high standard (Non-member)
A uno le han enseñado eso That's what the French have taught (Non-member)
acabado brillante glossy finish (Non-member)
acidez firme sharp acidity/firm acidity (Non-member)
Aclarado / Clarificación Clarification / fining (Non-member)
acoger includes, comprises Kimberlee Thorne
adoptando adopting / acquiring (Non-member)
afecto affinity (Non-member)
Aficionado a la cata de vinos / Catador de vinos A wine tasting aficionado / Wine taster (Non-member)
afinamiento refinement (Non-member)
agostamiento withering (Non-member)
al calor de las grandes aventuras del comercio marítimo in the heyday of the great adventures of the seafaring trade (Non-member)
alcohol vínico wine alcohol Wendy Streitparth
Alcoholes Superiores higher alcohols Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
amable gentle (Non-member)
antocianinas cumaroiladas coumaroylated anthocyanins (Non-member)
armada full bodied Robert Mavros
armario desviador de control control cabinet (Non-member)
aroma con recuerdos de cacao, torrefactos, especias, incienso y paja seca bouquet with hints/nuances of ... (Non-member)
arrope grape syrup (Non-member)
aspereza propia de cualquier caldo which give all wines their sharpness S Ben Price
aumentar prueba del producto increase product testing jmtquiroga
autóctono indigenous yeasts (Non-member)
Índice de tostado medio medium toast Ian Jones
“de garaje” garagiste (Non-member)
Barniz (Resinous) aroma (Non-member)
bebidas cola cola drinks Michael Powers (PhD)
Bien Constituido well constituted Eileen Brophy
bien sostenido nicely sustained Lucy Williams
blanco lexítimo blanco legítimo Dr. Andrew Frankland
bodega winery (Non-member)
bodega modelo state-of-the-art winery (Non-member)