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Term Translation Entered by
"después me guardé" then I holed up/then I laid low Mercedes Rizzuti
"¿Ya le dió peras el jardín?" so, everything turned out alright? (Non-member)
"dar vuelta el paragüas" Volverse homosexual (Non-member)
"el papel aguanta todo" anything and everything can be said on paper (Non-member)
"más largo que esperanza de pobre" longer than an elephant's memory (Non-member)
"niquelao" & "vaya marron" niquelao=shiny/spotless, marrón=problem/complication (Non-member)
"nos encajaron la cumbre" we got stuck with the summit Luis Javier Otoya
"Ojo de odin" Odin's Eye (Non-member)
"quita cargas" seizing/confiscating shipments Edward Tully
"sombra negra" sombra negra (Non-member)
"soy de palabra" I keep my word/Word of honor(honour)/ Irina Dicovsky
"Tigere" and Other Dominican Slang Jergas de habla español (Non-member)
"tres millones de p...[endejos]" "three million s...[uckers]" (Non-member)
... se llevaron ... ... went off with... Michael Powers (PhD)
...jodiendo... ... are a real pain in the ass ... Michael Powers (PhD)
?cómo bueyes? How's it looking? Michael Powers (PhD)
a nuevo entrenador, victoria segura the new manager effect (Non-member)
a todo gusto with pleasure (Non-member)
Abrete la verga Move the fuck out of my way/get the fuck out of here (Non-member)
Abrir el tarro Let the cat out of the bag/spill the beans (Non-member)
acaba rostro cum/nut/squirt on [his] face David Jessop
achanchado sluggish, lethargic (Non-member)
acidez reflux / acidity (Non-member)
Adivina adivinador. Riddle me re / riddle me this William Pairman
Agachar el moño bow your head and conform (Non-member)
agandallar/angandalle to take advantage of, deceive, bamboozle/deception (Non-member)
agarrar rabos grabs people by the tail ...
agarró (muletilla) went Michael Powers (PhD)
agonizado in agony / about to die (Non-member)
aguada limp Michael Powers (PhD)
aguevársele chicken out portilla
al frío le soplo play along//go with the flow (see below) (Non-member)
al tiro Perfect. (Non-member)
Allá ustedes It´s at your own risk if you... (Non-member)
alma gemela & alma en pena soul mate & lost soul Claudia Luque Bedregal
andar como voladita Be into someone/interested in someone/flirting (Non-member)
andar en güichi to go barhopping (Non-member)
andava en mis volas I was doing my own thing / I was in my own little world ...
apegado a la verdad to the best of your/his/her knowledge (Non-member)
arrancar la verga get one's ass in gear Coral Getino