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Term Translation Entered by
el contorno o los perfiles o la cara anterior the outline(s), profile or the foreface Eileen Brophy
Las laminas y laminitas Blades and bladelets (Non-member)
las márgenes del cauce the riverbanks (Non-member)
Se da noticia del descubrimiento There is news of the discovery of... Robert Forstag
talleres líticos lithic workshop (Non-member)
"disciplinas-cenicienta" ugly ducklings (Non-member)
"franco proceso" distinct/marked process (Non-member)
a dos aguas gabled / ridged Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
a la contina constantly Charles Davis
a modo de cista as cist (Non-member)
a nivel del surco (a microscopic analysis) of the groove (itself) (Non-member)
a nivel patrimonial national heritage see below Jenni Lukac
a partir de los que se intercalan which are broken at intervals by projecting... (Non-member)
a que respondiera una instrucción y memoria to depict and give an account (Non-member)
a rosca en espiga dowel screw (Non-member)
A.P. BP (before present) Robert Forstag
Achelense Acheulean Aida González del Álamo
adjudicados momentos específicos assigned/attributed to specific dates/periods/time intervals (Non-member)
advocación incarnation / personification (Non-member)
ajuar grave goods (Non-member)
albarradón stone levee-bridge (Non-member)
almogarén almogaren (sanctuary) (Non-member)
alzado arqutectónico architectural superstructure Michael Powers (PhD)
AMORTIZACIÓN abolish / get rid off / remove /eliminate (Non-member)
anchos wide (adj., plural) Walter Landesman
ancla de caña, cepo y uña shank, stock and fluke (Non-member)
Apacheta Cairn (Non-member)
aparejo Form and disposition (of stones) (Non-member)
aparejo a soga y tizón stretcher and header bond (Non-member)
apiñada packed (Non-member)
apopales Marshes/swamps (Non-member)
apotropaico apotropaic (Non-member)
aproximación cronológica chronological approximation Aquamarine76
apunte documental documentary contribution/record (Non-member)
arcaduces pipes, conoduits (Non-member)
arenización powdering (Non-member)
argárica Argaric Fernando Muela
artefactos navales naval artefacts Aquamarine76
as de bronce As (coin) (Non-member)
ataifores melados y redomas honey color low tables and narrow neck glass pots (Non-member)