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concentración de beneficios benefits are not concentrated (Non-member)
ir de compras fetichistas-católicas go shopping for Catholic kitsch Ion Zubizarreta
Valorar para permanecer Appreciation is preservation Edward Tully
"agasajo postinero" high class/top notch/fantastic/posh/classy celebration (Non-member)
"amanecerá y veremos, dijo el ciego" Let's wait and see, said the blind man / the blind man said (Non-member)
"cada loco con su tema" / "cada cabeza un mundo" Different folks, different strokes / One man's meat is another man's poison / Each to his own Héloïse King
"hacerse llamar" por curandero to have one's spirit called by a folk healer patinba
"hacerse llamar" por curandero to have her spirit called by a folk healer patinba
"oreja de un arcano ancestral". ear of an ancient mystery / enigma (Non-member)
"Para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien, también" Mezcal for the bad times, Mezcal for the good times (Non-member)
"poner a mover hasta los huesos" get the joint jumping Lisa Dahlander
"ratón milagroso" long-lost rich uncle Jenni Lukac
"segu�a con mis afanes" I carried on with what I was doing (Non-member)
"Soldado que huye sirve para otra guerra" "He who fights and runs lives to fight another day" (Non-member)
"tapados o, mejor dicho atrapados" covered, or shall we say smothered... Lisa Dahlander
"Uno pierde el pelo, pero no las mañas" The fox may lose his hair/pelt, but not his cunning (Non-member)
(El resaltado de texto es propio) (Bolding added for emphasis) ...
(ser) carne de tertulia you shine Edward Tully
...llegué de malas y todo me sale mal... crancky/in a sour mood and everything goes wrong for me... Coral Getino
...una mosca en la leche... o ...un pelo en la sopa... ...a fly in the ointment ... or ... a hair in the soup ... (Non-member)
a bobalicón no había quien le ganara he's as thick as two short planks (Non-member)
a caballo con part of/in touch with/in parallel with BristolTEc
a carta descubierta laying his card on the table / openly / honestly (Non-member)
a como de lugar no matter what/however it can be done (Non-member)
a cuenta gotas in dribs and drabs / little by little / a few at a time Myriam S
a golpe de agenda right on time/cue Edward Tully
a perro sarnoso todo son pulgas it never rains but it pours (Non-member)
a salto de manta as they come along (Non-member)
a seguro se lo llevaron preso nothing is certain but death and taxes (Non-member)
a título póstumo posthumously ...
A veces pagan justos por pecadores. one does the harm, and another bears the blame (Non-member)
a vueltas cada uno por su lado each on their own Beatriz Ramírez de Haro
abrir el melón de to open the can of worms ... BristolTEc
abrir este ostión de manejo Opening this can of worms Michael Powers (PhD)
abrir una brecha break new ground (Non-member)
absolución response (Non-member)
Abuelo comerciante, padre noble e hijo pordiosero. shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations (Non-member)
Aché pa’ mí here I go! / this one's for luck! Douglas Divers
acompañar a los comuneros entre tres y cinco años to assist villagers for about 3 or 5 years (Non-member)
agua del Carmen agua del Carmen psicutrinius