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durante la residencia en la puerta de los hospitales as a house officer in the casualty department (Non-member)
las tareas de adecuación de cara al buen tiempo work required by the circumstances, with an outlook on better times (Non-member)
programa periodístico journalistic/news programmes Mónica Algazi
rozar (in terms of quantity) just shy of (Non-member)
se debe acreditar conocimiento de su manejo, así como evidence of weapon handling (knowledge) as well as evidence of... shall be submitted (Non-member)
y nos impulsa a seguir adelante and encourages us to keep up the good work (Non-member)
"La teta asustada" y "el susurro de la mujer ballena" The Milk of Sorrow/ The whisper of the Whale Woman (Non-member)
"medio pelo" de nuestro devenir politico actual "small time" of our political scene nowadays. (Non-member)
"Pintó Dolores" "Pintó Dolores" (Let's colour up Dolores) Mónica Algazi
"Seminario de Actualidad Nacional" National Current Affairs/Issues Seminar garci
"Tópicos de empresas" corporate / business issues (Non-member)
(encargado de) Edición y Cierre Managing Editor (in a newspaper) Hazel Whiteley
1,02 billones de euros EUR 1.02 trillion Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
a atraversarse en caprichosa y berrinchosa actitud block, through his arbitrary and irritable disposition (Non-member)
a la entrada de las gasolineras outside petrol station forecourts/at the entrance to gas stations (Non-member)
a la opinión pública a public statement Mónica Algazi
A quiénes dirigen su propuesta Who is your proposal aimed at? (Non-member)
AC Agencia Clarín (Non-member)
acabar con el cuento finish // end the story Michael Powers (PhD)
Ahi comence el proceso de como hacer.. All these experiences formed the basis of how I would later go about... Jenni Lukac
amigos fuera de ellos friends off the court/track/field (Non-member)
angustia abismal deep distress (Non-member)
ante el silencio de los medios In the face of media silence (Non-member)
antetitular introductory heading/prefatory heading/preface (Non-member)
aparatos machines (Non-member)
aparece el rey desnudo it is clearly evident that the Emperor is wearing no clothes. Robert Forstag
aparicion triunfal Triumphant appearance Eileen Brophy
aportan una carga valorativa semejante hold similar connotations; send a similar message; embody similar values Mónica Algazi
aporte plural a collective effort Claudia Luque Bedregal
apoyar sus andaduras sponsor its voyages Edward Tully
archivo digital electronic file/digital file (Non-member)
argumentos arguments (Non-member)
armas modificadas, bombas incendiarias y armas cuyo número de serie modified weapons, incendiary bombs, (Non-member)
artefacto explosive device (Non-member)
asalto periodístico journalistic assault (Non-member)
así fué How It Happened / The Full Story Marsha Wilkie
asistente de catedra teaching assistant Marian Greenfield
asociados citizens / nationals (Non-member)
asumidos assimilated Miguel Falquez-Certain
atraco petrolero de Wall Street y las grandes petroleras the great robbery/grand theft perpetrated by Wall Street and the major oil companies; Mónica Algazi