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Term Translation Entered by
Cajero Automático (de un párking) automatic pay station (Non-member)
clinchado clinching (Non-member)
ESCAREADOR (Pneumatic) reamer (Non-member)
Latiguillo pigtail (Non-member)
manografo manograph (Non-member)
medidor de caudal flow meter (Non-member)
memoria de cálculo calculation log (Non-member)
Modelado y control de un dispositivo de aumento de fuerza modelling and control of force-multiplying device/mechanism Neil Ashby
Relé de control de inhibición de interfaces fibra óptica Fiber optic interface inhibition control relay Marcelo Silveyra
se irá cumpliendo (in this context) will take place/happen (Non-member)
sistemas computacionales de información o control computerized information or control systems (Non-member)
transformador toroidal toroidal transformer (Non-member)
tubular dune buggy Laura Diez
videoportero video intercom system | video entry system (Non-member)
vidrio simple single glass Edward Tully