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Term Translation Entered by
Al Fondecyt de Iniciación n° xxx Initiation to Research Barbara L Pavlik
calmas de viento wind lulls Yaotl Altan
ciclos de solicitación, de calma y de operatividad cycles of build-up, calm and action Pamela Faber Benitez
comba celeste the vault of heaven, the canopy of heaven, the firmament (en ese orden) (Non-member)
compresión superior / momento positivo downward loading / positive (bending) moment (Non-member)
flujos pluviométricos precipitation system TravellingTrans
marcos isobáricos isobar patterns Charles Davis
nefelismo cloud characteristics/properties (Non-member)
olas invernales y veranos cold spells and summers (disrupted by...) Wendy Streitparth
Periodo de retorno return period (Non-member)
Poder de refrigeración chill factor psicutrinius
predictor-predictando predictor/predictand relationship liz askew
regiones térmicas temperature zones / thermal zones ...
situaciones de borde occurences on the fringe (Non-member)