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BPC's = Bifenilos Piliclorados PCB's > Polychlorinated Biphenyls kairosz (Mary Guerrero)
Ethoxy Etanol Acetato ethoxyethanol acetate kairosz (Mary Guerrero)
Formaldehído. formaldehyde kairosz (Mary Guerrero)
Methoxy Etanol Acetato Methoxy Ethanol Acetate kairosz (Mary Guerrero)
depósito de sello sealed tank / certified tank. Neil Ashby
Desurriscaldator heat recuperation unit (Non-member)
Hallan una proteína que hace más débiles a los tumores cerebrales A protein that weakens brain tumors has been discovered (Non-member)
magnitud de salida output magnitude/value Robert Mavros
"...por vía de ataque con anhídrido..." via reaction with anhydrides (Non-member)
"autosostenido o de tiro forzado" self-contained or forced air (compressor) (Non-member)
"reactivos químicos" chemical reagents Smartranslators
(desaceitado) a banda belt filter Ma. Fernanda Blesa
(en) cupones swab/coupons Smartranslators
....que comprende hacer reaccionar una mezcla constituida por..... ..which consists of making a reaction between a mixture formed by... (Non-member)
...altura inventiva... inventive action/step Smartranslators
2 – BROMO -2 -NITROPROPAN -1.3 DIOL, TOCOPHERYL ACETATE, SORBITAN OLEATE, METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE 2-bromo-2-nitropropano-1.3 diol,acetato de tocoferol,oleato de sorbitán,metilisotiazolinona Maria Elena Martinez
2-metilbutiriloxi 2-methylbutyric oxy (Non-member)
4-N-Acetilamina ciclohexanona 4-N-Acetyl-amino-cyclohexanone (Non-member)
90% inferior a 100 mallas ATSM 90% under 100 mesh ASTM Wendy Streitparth
a base de polvo químico seco con presión contenida high pressure dry powder fire extenguishers (Non-member)
a manera de ácidos orgánicos in the manner of organic acids; ((less literal)) through organic acids; from organic acids TechLawDC
a partir de from (Non-member)
a taxano to (Non-member)
a través del depósito de adición through the addition device (Non-member)
a una temperatura de aproximadamente durante varias horas at a temperature of approximately ... for a few/several hours Michael Powers (PhD)
Abonos minerales con elementos principales (líquidos) mineral fertilisers with major nutrients (liquid) Hazel Whiteley
absorbedor adiabático de spray en gotas adiabatic droplet spray absorber (Non-member)
Absorción completa por el tejido del baño de impregnación Complete absortion by the tissue in the impregnation bath (Non-member)
acído shiquímico shikimic acid (Non-member)
acciones de choque shock process/procedure/chlorination (Non-member)
acetilglucuroxilano (not common in Spanish) acetylglucuronoxylan Cinnamon Nolan
acetoina acetoin Smartranslators
acetonitrilos halogenados haloacetonitriles | halogenated acetonitriles (Non-member)
acido eicosapentaenoico Eicosapentaenoic Acid (Non-member)
acomplejado complexed (Non-member)
acondicionado prepared (Non-member)
acromicidad achromicity (Non-member)
Acta de presencia y envio Proof of attendance and remittance by certified mail/post with receipt acknowledgement (Non-member)
actuando las protecciones triggering the circuit-breakers (Non-member)
adherentes de untuosidad tackiness agents (Non-member)