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Indagamos en la organización del local We take a look at / look into how the business/place is run (Non-member)
los mejores tiros de cámara, recorridos y fondos the best camera shots, pans and backgrounds (Non-member)
servicio de sonido directo/Foley Directsound,Foley (Non-member)
un novio, un noviazo o un novillo a boyfriend, a fiance, or a lover Elizabeth Joy Pitt de Morales
"...que por poco ya no la cuenta" he almost didn't live to tell the tale (Non-member)
"efecto embudo" bottle-neck (Non-member)
"Ganarse el odio o cariño de alguien" earn / win (Non-member)
"Le mientra la madre" while he/she curses him/her Teresita Garcia Ruy Sanchez
"No se me levanta" Cannot get it up Edward Tully
"se lo pido de rodillas y con el corazón en la mano" "I'm asking / begging you, down on my knees, my heart in my hands" sugrass
"Todo tiene que cambiar para que todo siga igual" (Il Gattopardo) "Everything must change in order to remain the same" Andrea Bullrich
...coherencia de la que sí soy celoso... ...the soundness of my reasoning, and that is something that matters greatly to me (Non-member)
a corte In the portion... José J. Martínez
a cuestas with me (in my possession) Kate Major
A golpes con la vida Punching and Rolling/Rolling with the punches (Non-member)
a la de una/dos/tres ready, set, go (Non-member)
A la hora de hacer una panorámica... when it comes down to a panoramic shot.. (Non-member)
a la orden del día Became routine ocurrences/run of the mill events (Non-member)
a modo de bajada, sobreimprime overprint(s) by way of subtext/caption Eloisa Anchezar
a nivel salud health-oriented Maria Eugenia Roca Rodriguez
añadidos en reunión con [including] additions made at the meeting with (Non-member)
abrir los ojos y los brazos to open your eyes and arms nedra
acaba por ver anuladas sus características eventually loses its distinguishing features (Non-member)
acceso de peliculina fit of stardom (Non-member)
acciones de agitación y dinamización teasers/teaser trailers and other (promotional) features and content Jenni Lukac
acelerado fast-motion/time-lapse S Ben Price
acentos key moments/events* Jenni Lukac
acoger to take up / to take into account (Non-member)
actor de altura (both senses) actor of great stature (play in words:= height + eminence) Carol Gullidge
AD LIB. Ad Lib. (Ad libitum) (Non-member)
adaptación libre free adaptation (Non-member)
adaptar al cine adapt to film ...
Adios fortuna, pues nos quitaremos las plumas Good-bye luck, our feathers we shall pluck (Non-member)
Afinidad in tune/in line with/Affinity with the target group (Non-member)
aforar mask / masking (Non-member)
agente productor Service provider (Non-member)
aguadores Watersellers. (Non-member)
aguantar en pantalla to stay on the screen Lucy Williams
aislación acústica/ monitereo de campo cercano acoustically insulated / near-field monitoring two2tango
ajustador correlator (Non-member)