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Term Translation Entered by
imagen y prestigio que han ido generando the name/profile and prestige [that Italian wines] have gradually earned [themselves] (Non-member)
no se pase so as not to overcook Jonathan Norris
San Martín John Dory Kate Major
"abrir boca" to whet the appetite Sandra Cifuentes Dowling
"bondiola de cerdo" Pork shoulder (Non-member)
"de autor" signature cuisine (Non-member)
"delicias de la huerta" garden delicacies Edward Tully
"Indicaciones Geográficas" Geographical lndications (Non-member)
"lechuga morada" red leaf lettuce (Non-member)
"revuelto gramajo" Gramajo scrambled eggs/ Gramajo-style scrambled eggs Mariana Solanet
"rodaballo al horno con panadera, espinacas..." roasted turbot with sliced roasted potatoes and spinach Idoia Echenique
(entre panal, toalla y librillo a partes más o menos iguales) roughly equal portions of honeycomb, blanket and book tripe (Non-member)
(pimiento de ) piquillo red pepper (Non-member)
(remover con) barillas stir with a whisk (Non-member)
*maderas aserradas y cortadas en tablas* soft woods that have been sawed and cut into boards (Non-member)
1 cassette de queso magro compacto 1 cassette-size portion of hard fat-free cheese (Non-member)
1 juego cocas para salsa a set of gravy or sauce bowls Michael Powers (PhD)
2 decilitros de vino Pedro Ximenez 200 ml(milliliters)/ 2 deciliters (dl) more often used in recipes in milliliters Irina-Maria Foray
2 langostas o 4 bogavantes: see comments the difference in Spain (spiny vs common) (Non-member)
3 o 4 cascos y 4 costillas 3 or 4 lobes and 4 ribs Janine Libbey
5 tipos de ensaladas A selection of 5 salads (Non-member)
9`5º Be 9'5 degrees Baumé psicutrinius
a base de lard-based/butter-based, made out of (Non-member)
a dos aguas boil the sprouts twice (Non-member)
a elección choice of (Non-member)
a intervalos at intervals ...
a la brasa de vid grilled over vine cuttings (Non-member)
a la brutesca salt-roasted/pan-roasted (Non-member)
a la llosa slate-grilled (Non-member)
a la piedra stone grilled (Non-member)
a la plancha from the grill Kate Major
a la provenzal a la Provence (Non-member)
a la riojana Rioja style (Non-member)
a mar limpio sea fresh Kimberlee Thorne
a medio montar partially beaten/whipped/whisked liz askew
a ras flush (Non-member)
añadir a hebra muy fina add in a very fine stream (Non-member)
añadir chocolate cobertura en forma de hilo stir in melted chocolate Irina Dicovsky
añejamiento (wine) aging (Non-member)
abre sus opciones a elaboraciones y productos de otras zonas see options below (Non-member)