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Term Translation Entered by
imagen y prestigio que han ido generando the name/profile and prestige [that Italian wines] have gradually earned [themselves] (Non-member)
no se pase so as not to overcook Jonathan Norris
San Martín John Dory Kate Major
"abrir boca" to whet the appetite Sandra Cifuentes Dowling
"bondiola de cerdo" Pork shoulder Patricia Bower
"de autor" signature cuisine (Non-member)
"delicias de la huerta" garden delicacies Edward Tully
"Indicaciones Geográficas" Geographical lndications (Non-member)
"lechuga morada" red leaf lettuce (Non-member)
"revuelto gramajo" Gramajo scrambled eggs/ Gramajo-style scrambled eggs Mariana Solanet
"rodaballo al horno con panadera, espinacas..." roasted turbot with sliced roasted potatoes and spinach Idoia Echenique
(entre panal, toalla y librillo a partes más o menos iguales) roughly equal portions of honeycomb, blanket and book tripe (Non-member)
(pimiento de ) piquillo red pepper (Non-member)
(remover con) barillas stir with a whisk (Non-member)
*maderas aserradas y cortadas en tablas* soft woods that have been sawed and cut into boards (Non-member)
1 cassette de queso magro compacto 1 cassette-size portion of hard fat-free cheese (Non-member)
1 juego cocas para salsa a set of gravy or sauce bowls Michael Powers (PhD)
2 decilitros de vino Pedro Ximenez 200 ml(milliliters)/ 2 deciliters (dl) more often used in recipes in milliliters (Non-member)
2 langostas o 4 bogavantes: see comments the difference in Spain (spiny vs common) (Non-member)
3 o 4 cascos y 4 costillas 3 or 4 lobes and 4 ribs Janine Libbey
5 tipos de ensaladas A selection of 5 salads (Non-member)
9`5º Be 9'5 degrees Baumé psicutrinius
a base de lard-based/butter-based, made out of (Non-member)
a dos aguas boil the sprouts twice (Non-member)
a elección choice of (Non-member)
a intervalos at intervals ...
a la brasa de vid grilled over vine cuttings (Non-member)
a la brutesca salt-roasted/pan-roasted (Non-member)
a la llosa slate-grilled (Non-member)
a la piedra stone grilled (Non-member)
a la plancha from the grill Kate Major
a la provenzal a la Provence (Non-member)
a la riojana Rioja style (Non-member)
a mar limpio sea fresh (Non-member)
a medio montar partially beaten/whipped/whisked liz askew
a ras flush (Non-member)
añadir a hebra muy fina add in a very fine stream (Non-member)
añadir chocolate cobertura en forma de hilo stir in melted chocolate Irina Dicovsky
añejamiento (wine) aging (Non-member)
abre sus opciones a elaboraciones y productos de otras zonas see options below (Non-member)