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Term Translation Entered by
formación de los aplicadores the training of the technicians who apply the treatment? Kate Major
pedal de disparos trigger pedal (Non-member)
"La toca" "the wrap" (Non-member)
"reinventado en una moda encantada" An enchanting new take on (Non-member)
a ciegas blind testing techniques/blind study methodology (Non-member)
acción aperitiva aperient/laxative properties Jane Martin
aceptan muy bien respond well Janine Libbey
acorde hespéride citrus/hesperide chord (Non-member)
adipocitolisis cavitacional cavitational adipocitolysis (Non-member)
agradable al tacto pleasant to the touch (Non-member)
agua fresca eau fraiche (Non-member)
Agua Termógena (Cosmética) Thermogenic water Andrea Quintana
alaciado hair straightening VRN
aldeídicas aldehydic Diego Cruz M.D.
ALISADOR , alisar hair straightener/hair relaxer (Non-member)
alquil silicons alkyl silicone liz askew
amarillo blanquecino pale yellow /whitish yellow Kate Major
anclaje anchored (Non-member)
Anfótero amphoteric (Non-member)
antipicores soothes/relieves skin irritation and itching Kathleen Misson
Aportar nourish (Non-member)
aproximación (in this context) standardisation/standardization Kate Major
Argeriline Argeriline is the trade name for Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 (Non-member)
Aromaterapia de aceites esenciales essential oils aromatherapy (Non-member)
aromaterapia de los aceites esenciales essential oil aromatherapy/aromatherapy using essential oils Rebecca Hendry
arreglo personal grooming/toileting Smartranslators
asertividad assertiveness Aida González del Álamo
Azuleno natural Natural Azulene James A. Walsh
ácido pirrolidón carboxílico pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (Non-member)
área termolúdica thermal spa area Simon Bruni
óleo calcáreo Oleo-limestone liniment (Non-member)
baño de color color rinse (Non-member)
baño de novia bridal pampering (Non-member)
barba de semanas unshaven for some time (Non-member)
Bazares Advertising features (Non-member)
bergamota bergamot (Non-member)
bola burbujeante bath bomb Timothy Barton
bono de 20 ss 20-session voucher (Non-member)
bordes libres free edges (Non-member)
butilhidroxitoluol BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) Kate Major