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Term Translation Entered by
aceituna de aderezo table olive (Non-member)
bioestimulante biostimulant Marian Greenfield
Bolsa Agropecuaria Agricultural Exchange (Non-member)
insumos cerificados certified inputs (Non-member)
precios libres free-trade prices Michael Powers (PhD)
protección de zonas altas de captación protection of upland catchment areas (Non-member)
"Caravana Individual" individual ear tag (in some S. Am. countries) Neil Ashby
"el riesgo de "no" obtener una buena producción es muy alto." the risk of not obtaining a good yield is very high Michael Powers (PhD)
"industria de agropartes" Agricultural sparepart industry/Sparepart agro-inductry Rafael Bordabehere
"polvo de la estopa" coir dust Michele Fauble
"sembradora a chorrillo" fine grain seeder Marina Soldati
"zafe a fusible" fuse safeguard (Non-member)
(asignaturas) clave core or basic (subjects) Parrot
(los frutales muestran) un buen aforo a good (an adequate) coverage of fruits (Non-member)
(poniendo en marcha) el sistema de secado sin carga (operating) the drying system whilst empty (Non-member)
1.saturacion de bases / 2.capa vegetal 1. Base saturation / 2. Vegetation layer (Non-member)
205 caberίas 205 caballerías (a unit of land equivalent to 45 hectares) Charles Davis
año agrícola crop year (Non-member)
ac. húmico humic acid Luis Arri Cibils
aceite de oliva ecológico organic olive oil (Non-member)
aceite de oliva virgen lampante lampante virgin olive oil Nikki Graham
acero especial antidesgaste special antiwear steel (Non-member)
acero reforzado reinforced steel/strengthened steel (Non-member)
acidez de cambio exchange acidity Carolina Grupe
acidos humicos y fuluicos humic and fulvic acids Edward Tully
acolchado plastic tunnel (plant cover) Teresa Reinhardt
acomodar match Lisa McCarthy
acondicionamiento (see context) storage (in this context) (Non-member)
acopiador de granos grain middleman / grain broker Sandra Cifuentes Dowling
acopio, almacenaje y acondicionamiento de cereales stocking, storage and screening/processing of grains Ltemes
acta de retención holding record (Non-member)
activo agrario agricultural worker (Non-member)
acude yield Muriel Vasconcellos
Acude (Cotton production) useful cotton fiber ratio/split (Non-member)
acumular los sobreprecios resultantes de to accumulate the surcharges resulting from (Non-member)
adaptadas a nichos agro-ecológicos adapted for (specific) agro-ecological niches Marcelo González
Adecuación del sistema de abastecimiento de agua Upgrading the water supply system (Non-member)
adherente adjuvant Peter Shortall
afectaciones / pago de afectaciones wayleave / wayleave payment (Non-member)
agalletada stunted Neal Allen