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(última se vehiculó....sino con...) … did not spread to other countries unless domestic markets firmed up / became consolidated (Non-member)
de lo que damos fe In witness whereof/we hereby certify Edward Tully
desagio discount or markdown (Non-member)
funcionó bien en sus inicios worked well in the beginning (Non-member)
Institución o compañìa para-estatal State company (Non-member)
inversiones que tienen dimensión de país country-scale investments Robert Mavros
municipalidades distritales district municipalities (Non-member)
riesgo país country risk (Non-member)
"asientos de ajustes y provisiones" adjustment and provision entries Edward Tully
"consorcios en formación" consortiums under formation Edward Tully
"efecto llamada" call effect Mariana Zarnicki
"Factor de Manto" (see context) manto factor (Non-member)
"fajas de impuestos" tax stamps ...
"si los pesos se quedaran en la calle" if the currency/pesos were to remain in circulation Marcelo González
(..., por sus siglas en inglés) in its initials in English (Non-member)
(reservas monetarias) a base monetaria de X veces (ratio of international reserves) to monetary base of X patinba
," no habrá lugar a reconocimiento" o compensación alguna any subsequent claim will be disallowed, and there will be no right to further compensation (Non-member)
...La metodología consistió de tres pasos... A three-stage methodology was employed (Non-member)
2,946 billones de € EUR 2.946 billion / €2.946 billion (Non-member)
20 000 millones de dólares 20 billion dollars Remy Arce
a la aplicació una parte de la excedente application of a portion of the surplus (Non-member)
a la larga in the end / in the final analysis / in the long run / ultimately (Non-member)
a prorrata de las que ya sean titulares proportionally/pro rata to their shareholdings (Non-member)
Abstract Abstract (Non-member)
accesibilidad... a accessibility to /access to (Non-member)
acceso del banano de LA a la UE access to the European Union (market) for the bananas of Latin America (Non-member)
acción contractiva contractive action (Non-member)
acciones fiscales discrecionales discretional fiscal actions (or measures) (Non-member)
acentiuados tintes jerárquicos extreme hierarchical features, nature (Non-member)
acercar la demanda y la oferta de empleo de una forma eficaz y profesionalizada balancing out job supply and demand in an effective and professional way (Non-member)
acreedores por prestación de servicios creditors for provision of services (Non-member)
Acta de acuerdos Agreement's minute (Non-member)
acta de producción de autos para Cuba auto production deal for Cuba (Non-member)
activos mobiliarios movable assets (Non-member)
actualidad de los datos current accuracy/veracity of data (or information) (Non-member)
acuerdo preventivo scheme of composition / workout or arrangement Smartranslators
Adelantos varios miscellaneous advances (Non-member)
Adjudiciario successful bidder (Non-member)
administración fiduciaria de los fondos fiduciary funds administration / fiduaciary administration of funds (Non-member)
adolecerá de fallas de información may contain inadequate or inaccurate information Jenny Forbes