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Term Translation Entered by
alto nivel de regulación y reglas descoordinadas y conflictivas high degree of regulation and uncoordinated, conflicting rules Laura Iglesias
flota de artes menores small-scale (coastal/traditional/artisan) fishing fleet Charles Davis
5 cm. de luz para volandeira 5 cm. mesh net for queen scallop Aquamarine76
8 alvéolos/horma 8 honeycomb/dish-match/packaging Michael Powers (PhD)
abanico de procedencia concentrated fishing area (Non-member)
accediento a Cuotas registered fleet /approved to fish within the quota system (Non-member)
acuarologia aquariology Edward Tully
aguas tamponadas buffered water Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
aguja enmangada probe (Non-member)
almadrabas gaditanas Cadiz trap netters (Non-member)
análisis metaloproteómico metalloproteomic analysis DLyons
Anchoas saladas, descabezadas y eviscerada, sin panza y sin cola madurada en env salted anchovies, headed and gutted, with the belly and tail removed, cured in plastic containers Charles Davis
anexos by-products (Non-member)
antecamara antechamber ...
aro crabbing net (Non-member)
artes de piedra (towed) bottom gear (Non-member)
artes menores Small fishing baots Heather Phillips
Artes remolcadas autorizadas authorized towing gear Aquamarine76
astilleros de barcos artesanales traditional boat builders neilmac
atarraya cast net Ltemes
atrinque de boyas en los remates de jaula tying the buoys to the traps (Non-member)
ayudantía maritime command post Charles Davis
bancos de libre marisqueo unrestricted shell-fishing harvesting banks (Non-member)
barco de cerco purse seiner (Non-member)
batea mussel platform (Non-member)
batea en jaula y línea floating trough, cage or in line (Non-member)
Bodega de materiales e insumos material and supply warehouse (Non-member)
boga Leporinus obtusidens: piapara; boga (Non-member)
Brumeo. Chumming. (Non-member)
buque potero squid fishing boat (Non-member)
cañeros (pesca) anglers Steven Huddleston
cabo madre mainline (also called a groundline or motherline) (Non-member)
caceas o riseiro de nasas (various types of) trolling lines Aquamarine76
Calado/virado Casting/hauling in William Pairman
camalote (gareteo) drift fishing (Non-member)
camarones Litopeneidos penaeid shrimp Cesar Serrano
Cangrejeros crabbers David Hollywood
cangrejos tenazas crab pincers Michael Powers (PhD)
cangrejos tenazas crab pincers Michael Powers (PhD)
cascarón dingy (Non-member)