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Term Translation Entered by
alto nivel de regulación y reglas descoordinadas y conflictivas high degree of regulation and uncoordinated, conflicting rules Laura Iglesias
flota de artes menores small-scale (coastal/traditional/artisan) fishing fleet Charles Davis
5 cm. de luz para volandeira 5 cm. mesh net for queen scallop (Non-member)
8 alvéolos/horma 8 honeycomb/dish-match/packaging Michael Powers (PhD)
abanico de procedencia concentrated fishing area (Non-member)
accediento a Cuotas registered fleet /approved to fish within the quota system (Non-member)
acuarologia aquariology Edward Tully
aguas tamponadas buffered water Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
aguja enmangada probe (Non-member)
almadrabas gaditanas Cadiz trap netters (Non-member)
análisis metaloproteómico metalloproteomic analysis DLyons
Anchoas saladas, descabezadas y eviscerada, sin panza y sin cola madurada en env salted anchovies, headed and gutted, with the belly and tail removed, cured in plastic containers Charles Davis
anexos by-products (Non-member)
antecamara antechamber ...
aro crabbing net (Non-member)
artes de piedra (towed) bottom gear (Non-member)
artes menores Small fishing baots Heather Phillips
Artes remolcadas autorizadas authorized towing gear (Non-member)
astilleros de barcos artesanales traditional boat builders neilmac
atarraya cast net Ltemes
atrinque de boyas en los remates de jaula tying the buoys to the traps (Non-member)
ayudantía maritime command post Charles Davis
bancos de libre marisqueo unrestricted shell-fishing harvesting banks (Non-member)
barco de cerco purse seiner (Non-member)
batea mussel platform (Non-member)
batea en jaula y línea floating trough, cage or in line (Non-member)
Bodega de materiales e insumos material and supply warehouse (Non-member)
boga Leporinus obtusidens: piapara; boga (Non-member)
Brumeo. Chumming. (Non-member)
buque potero squid fishing boat (Non-member)
cañeros (pesca) anglers Steven Huddleston
cabo madre mainline (also called a groundline or motherline) (Non-member)
caceas o riseiro de nasas (various types of) trolling lines (Non-member)
Calado/virado Casting/hauling in William Pairman
camalote (gareteo) drift fishing (Non-member)
camarones Litopeneidos penaeid shrimp Cesar Serrano
Cangrejeros crabbers David Hollywood
cangrejos tenazas crab pincers Michael Powers (PhD)
cangrejos tenazas crab pincers Michael Powers (PhD)
cascarón dingy (Non-member)