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Term Translation Entered by
"esquela" bereavement (Non-member)
"pueblos originarios" indigenous peoples/groups Mercedes Rizzuti
activación patrimonial heritage development/promotion (Non-member)
Adigués Adygeis Catherine Reay
agal y torzadas agal and kaffiyeh (Non-member)
ajuares funerarios funerary offerings (Non-member)
alambre tejido wire(mesh) fence (Non-member)
alimentación the change from a vegetarian to a carnivorous DIET... (Non-member)
alzada high pasture // high pasturing Robert Forstag
ancestralidad ancestrality (Non-member)
antiplástico temper / aplastic (agent) / antiplastic Charles Davis
antropotanatología anthropothanatology TechLawDC
ágrafa non-literate/nonliterate David Hollywood
bienser wellbeing (Non-member)
calmucos Kalmyks Catherine Reay
carena (de una vasija) keel/careen/angled section of vase (Non-member)
casa troncal stem family Robert Forstag
cholo cholo (Non-member)
ciclos de divulgación workshops liz askew
coaccion coercion (Non-member)
considerar ... con las particularidades ... consider ... including the special features / characteristics of their actors ... Michael Powers (PhD)
convocatorias autonomas ...bids/calls within the autonomous community (Non-member)
Datos de mi trabajo de campo data collected/gathered during my fieldwork (Non-member)
Densidad comercial de bienes ocasionales commercial properties for rent Robert Forstag
desbordamiento urbano urban eruption Robert Forstag
descartes diferenciales differential discard (Non-member)
diseños ornitomorfos bird-shaped / bird shape designs (Non-member)
duares douars William Pairman
economía del don Gift economy (Non-member)
en las maneras ... de preguntarle al registro new methods and approaches to the fossil record James A. Walsh
en su paso por la Tierra during his time on Earth/during his passage on Earth (Non-member)
enmangue de flecha hafted arrow Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
esquema de fuerzas hierarchy of forces (Non-member)
fiesta mayor (ES) / festa major (CAT) Fiesta Mayor (Non-member)
galas vijitas viejitas = hags (Non-member)
gancho de palo hooked stick liz askew
guayasense and guayaquileño guayasense / guayaquileño (Non-member)
haz de relaciones bundle of relations / relationships (Non-member)
imaginario imaginary (Non-member)
instancia See explanation (Non-member)