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Term Translation Entered by
macarella mackerel (Non-member)
''las joyas de la abuela'' the family silver ...
alcohol agrario ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin Catherine Harrison
animita shrine (Non-member)
argüendes tittle-tattle (Non-member)
¿Dónde va Vicente? Donde va la gente monkey see,monkey do. (Non-member)
bajos pant bottoms (Non-member)
bombochie-chie-chié more or less similar to tra-la-la but I wouldn't translate it (see below) Jenni Lukac
caballo grande, ande o no ande bigger is better (Non-member)
calaca skeleton (Non-member)
calafate calafate(the fruit) (Non-member)
calafate Calafate (the Legend of, name of Indian aonikenk native) (Non-member)
cancioneros song books/popular songs* (Non-member)
Carnaval corso carnival parade (Non-member)
carrasclás Carrasclás Emiliano Pantoja
cheo nerdish (Non-member)
chivo al corral, fuerte al sombrero (Venezuela) Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar\'s, and to God the things that are God\'s guillen
ciudad jonda city of the "cante jondo" Jenni Lukac
comparsa comparsas (organised groups parading through the streets in a traditional costume) Hazel Whiteley
comparsas Comparsas (conga groups in gaudy costumes) Gallagy
contemplar provide for (Non-member)
cubanía salvaje (innate) Cubanness Gallagy
culo veo, culo quiero all I want is all I see (Non-member)
dejado de la mano de Dios left or abandoned to his fate / beyond all help Jenni Lukac
disparate blunder/screwup/fumble/slip up/bungle/botch up/blow it (Non-member)
donde dije digo, digo Diego I´ve just changed my mind! (Non-member)
Donde dios pone la mano, el diablo pone la cola Wherever God is, the devil is not far behind (Non-member)
El ciclo histórico de Beato de Liébana, The (historical) cycle of Beatus of Liébana Noni Gilbert
estoy empanado/a (empanao/a) my brain's scrambled (Non-member)
festival cultural Festival of Culture (Non-member)
garrochistas \"garrochistas\", or mounted cattle lancers darwinista
glorioso en el sentido menos celestial more vainglorious than glorious (Non-member)
indios y aborigenes indigenous inhabitants (Non-member)
la hospitalidad fue su fiesta The hospitality was a joy for him/ her (Non-member)
las botas cañeras work boots (Non-member)
le buscan muchos pies al gato to split hairs (Non-member)
llegaron con torta bajo el brazo they brought joy and hope to the family//born under a lucky star (Non-member)
lonja skin; [for drums] drumskin or drumhead (Non-member)
marcador brander (Non-member)
mejor ser cabeza de raton que cola de leon better to be queen of bees, than king of fleas Marcelo González