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Term Translation Entered by
cajas continente container boxes (Non-member)
chuletero loin / chine (Non-member)
inocuidad y disponibilidad harmlessness and availability liz askew
"salteado" de espárragos y gambas shrimp and asparagus sauté (Non-member)
"verduras", "vegetales" and "legumbres" "greens", "vegetables" and "pulses" (Non-member)
'bañeras' bathtubs / baths Charles Davis
(espárrago) triguero green asparagus (Non-member)
100% vegetal entirely of plant origin Eileen Brophy
4ª y 5ª gama (alimentos) packaged ready-to-eat fresh and prepared foods (Non-member)
7 y 20 horas 7 and 4 o\'clock Aquamarine76
a definir con cada cliente to be defined/determined Marcelo González
a la naranja a l\'orange matt robinson
a lo vivo cut the segments free from the membranes (Non-member)
a los cuatro quesos 4 cheese / four-cheese pasta (Non-member)
a pie de planta on factory (Non-member)
a. cesto / cesta / cestillo del pan b. panera a. bread basket b. bread bin / breadbox (Non-member)
Añejo vs. Viejo vintage vs. mature Wendy Streitparth
aceite de chapiel Chapiel oil (Non-member)
aceite de maravilla sunflower oil Edward Tully
aceite de maria calaba oil (Non-member)
Acesulfame de Potasio Acesulfame K (Non-member)
acta de capacitación Training proceedings Ana Terzaghi
actual y deglosada current and broken down (Non-member)
aflatoxinas aflatoxins (Non-member)
aforo del manantial spring gauging station (Non-member)
agentes retenedores de humedad humectants (Non-member)
agnolottis de ricota ricotta stuffed/filled agnolotti (Non-member)
agregado de aditivos use of additives (Non-member)
Agua de Polen aqueous pollen extract / water extract of pollen (Non-member)
aguas lisas non-carbonated drinks (Non-member)
aguja chuck (Non-member)
aguja Fish Pie Justin Peterson
alcaparras y pepinillos encurtidos pickled capers and gherkins (Non-member)
alcayota alcayota, spaguetti squash (Non-member)
Alfajores Alfajores (Non-member)
alimento balanceado balanced food (Non-member)
alimento no perecedero non-perishable food (item) (Non-member)
alimentos balanceados balanced foodstuffs (Non-member)
alimentos de traspatio food from backyard vegetable gardens (Non-member)
almendra común repelada blanched (sweet) almonds (Non-member)