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Term Translation Entered by
huayo fruit (Non-member)
la inmediata superior constante next highest constant patinba
rodal (silvicultura) stand (forestry) David Hollywood
"puesto puerta" enclosed/private land Edward Tully
(árboles) con /sin gambas buttress roots Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
A partir de estas premisas Starting from this premise, (Non-member)
a ras del suelo to ground level (Non-member)
acciones técnicas sobre el recurso forestal que apunten resulting from technical mtechnical measures aiming at sustainable management of forest resources Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
acordonamiento (de restos vegetales) ridging (heaping plants to form ridges) Sheila Hardie
activadas como mayor coste del inmovilizado ... activated as higher cost of capital assets ... Nigel Greenwood
actividades de difusión y cobertura helping bring the project to public awareness (Non-member)
agente recuperador de la capacidad productiva an important agent for the recovery of productive capacity... (Non-member)
agroforestaría agroforestry practice Rafael Mondragon Hernandez
agrosilvicultura agrosilviculture Rafael Mondragon Hernandez
albura sapwood (Non-member)
alfajías battens (Non-member)
Antipalanca leverage resistance patinba
Aprovechamiento de Uso del Suelo soil exploitation (Non-member)
arboles acanchados y/o explotados en canchas felled trees/grown in fields/plantations liz askew
aula de la naturaleza nature classroom (Non-member)
autocorrelación autocorrelation (Non-member)
Autorización del Aprovechamiento Forestal Persistente authorization for sustainable forest use/usage/exploitation (Non-member)
avanzan por un franja por el oeste continue to be found along a band to the west | occupy a band to the west (Non-member)
árboles con gambas trees with buttresses (buttress roots or huge ground roots) Taña Dalglish
árboles energéticos trees cultivated for energy purposes (Non-member)
blanca whitewood, deal (Non-member)
Bosque de frondosas broadleaf/broad-leaved forest | hardwood forest (Non-member)
bosque escerófilo sclerophyllous forest (Non-member)
Bosque secundario Secondary Woodland (Non-member)
cachelas bonfires (Non-member)
calidad de estación [forest] site quality sugrass
capas de los diferentes servicios service layers (Non-member)
carballeiras stands of "carballo"/Quercus robur / oak stands / Quercus robur L. stands (Non-member)
carbón caspi charcoal of Toxicodendron striatum (Non-member)
carpintería industrial industrial carpenter's shop or joiner's shop (Non-member)
cartografía de focos de calor mapping hot spots (Non-member)
catálogo de montes public registry of forests/woodlands (Non-member)
cedazo para zarandas mesh for sieves Taña Dalglish
chicalá chicalá (Tababuia chrysanta) Michael Powers (PhD)
Chupones de olmo elm suckers Eileen Brophy