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Ley Federal de Juegos y Sorteos Federal Gaming and Lottery Law (Non-member)
"Ha brillado con luz propia" video games have stood out the most/have captured the most attention Edward Tully
(Zu) sobraito, caminaito, sudaito their swagger, footwork, effort Mariana Solanet
....consulta en materia de hipódromos, Galgódromos y Frontones consultation on Horse and Greyhound (race)tracks and Jai-Alai courts (Non-member)
7 y medio Seven and a half (Non-member)
a dos panos Baccarat "a deux tableau" / Baccarat Banque ...
a la administración los jugados cards purchased from the administration, those used in playing... Parrot
a libre elección de at the free choice/discretion of (Non-member)
a razón de 3:2 they pay out at three to two. Aquamarine76
Acuerdo de prueba Test Agreement / Testing Agreement Aquamarine76
agenciero lottery agent / retailer (Non-member)
anulación de eventos cancelation of events Aquamarine76
apostar a seguro take insurance Aquamarine76
apuestas bancadas fixed odds betting/gambling (Non-member)
apuestas de contrapartida y cruzadas bets against the house and pari-mutuel bets katieker
apuestas hípicas de contrapartida fixed odds bets (on the horses / in horse racing) Aquamarine76
apuestas mutuas parimutuel betting (Non-member)
apuestas mutuas benéficas charitable/charity pari-mutuel betting (mutual betting) Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
arrancar cebollas Spanish game similar to "tug of war" (Non-member)
assembler (lenguaje) ensamblador (Non-member)
Auditoría de las apuestas Bet audit Aquamarine76
auditoría de las partidas gaming auditorium Aquamarine76
avance nudge (Non-member)
¡Qué manta! What a slacker! James A. Walsh
órdago big bet (Non-member)
baja del bote removal of the jackpot Aquamarine76
banca // tope de banca bank and bank limit (in casinos) (Non-member)
banca deportiva sports betting center (Non-member)
baraja española Spanish deck (of cards) / Spanish playing cards (Non-member)
barra de fluctuación table limits (Non-member)
barrigas bottom layout (Non-member)
bien alias very high (typo) (Non-member)
boletín de situación permit to install (Non-member)
boletos vírgenes new / unused tickets (Non-member)
bote abierto opening bet Aquamarine76
buzones de LAS MAQUINAS MACHINE drop buckets Aquamarine76
cabiendo la posibilidad Nevertheless, there\'s a possibility that even though the name of the game... Aquamarine76
camara de seguimiento tracking camera twakely
canje de los códigos redemption of the (relevant) codes (Non-member)
Capturador (data) capturer/capture system Aquamarine76