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a la brava without planning permission (Non-member)
acondicimiento de áreas de estar refurbishing of common areas (Non-member)
cerrar una etapa. close a chapter (Non-member)
despegado del respaldar de su silla leaning forward in his chair (Non-member)
el sistema de riego a la altura real de su macetero the watering system to the actual/real height of/level with your flower/plant pot (Non-member)
es la primera persona Is the one who is primarily responsible (Non-member)
PARTE DISPOSITIVA Section on Provisions (Non-member)
ponemos todos los sentidos we do all what we can and a little bit more to get the "happy end". (Non-member)
Proyecto Integración Social - Lingüística Language Instruction Project Aquamarine76
puede ser escalonado a cualesquier parte del mundo. can be applied [on the appropriate scale] to any part of the world. (Non-member)
que nos hagan saber and let us know (Non-member)
representación (travel and) representation expenses patinba
retenedora de nómina payroll retaining company (Non-member)
siempre he arrastrado... I've always struggled with... (Non-member)
subidón de adrenalina adrenaline rush Robert Forstag
tocar (a la puerta) come calling (at your door) (Non-member)
"Cómpreme Vd. este ramito etc." Won't you buy this bunch from me Sir, to show off in your buttonhole Beatriz Ramírez de Haro
"chesteres" Chesterfields Beatriz Ramírez de Haro
"cuando vez una cosa en miniatura lo observas y descubres que la esencia de las when you see a miniature you observe it and discover it has the essence of the model/object (Non-member)
"ejercicio de/ejercer la profesión" exercise of my profession/to practice your profession (Non-member)
"El Chirlo" El Chirlo (Non-member)
"El profe" teach(er) Paula González Fernández
"El que se fue a Sevilla, perdió su silla" finders keepers, losers weepers Smartranslators
"elaboración de nóminas" preparation of payroll Lorenia Rincon
"Es muy raro lo que me pasa con vos" You have a very mysterious/ special effect on me. (Non-member)
"Esta razón obedece a motivos de seguridad del envío." This is due to shipment security reasons (Non-member)
"faltan cinco para las menos cuarto" it's five minutes till quarter to Marcelo González
"gerencia legal" legal department Marina Soldati
"Lluvia fuerte, casamiento con suerte" Rainy wedding weather, happiness forever (Non-member)
"pasen y vean" "Step right up, come right in, Ladies and Gentlemen, see for yourselves.." (Non-member)
"por la patilla" completely free (or) on the house (or) for nothing Silvina Jover-Cirillo
"Presente" in the heading of formal letters from some countries in Latin America Omitirlo ...
"qué te importa, cara de torta, nariz larga, nariz corta ?" That´s for me to know and for you to find out. Miguel Falquez-Certain
"si los Cristianos fueran realmente Cristianos la revolución ya se habría hecho If Christians acted on their faith/ were true to their beliefs, the revolution would already* Jenni Lukac
"Tengo muchas ganas" I am looking forward/ I am eager Rosa Elena Lozano Arton
"un granito de arena" I feel we all do our part / I feel we all do our bit Smartranslators
% DES. YFP ( = % DES. Y FP ) %.... DESEMPLEO Y FORMACIÓN PROFESIONAL (unemployment and vocational training) (Non-member)
(conferencia) a cargo de X (conference) delivered by (Non-member)
(en ejercicio de la) profesion liberal (in ) private/independent practice Karen Vincent-Jones
(pisos con) recubrimiento de goma rubber flooring (Non-member)