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Term Translation Entered by
200,600 200.600 Richard Hill
a la escala global on a global scale Aquamarine76
accidente geográfico geographical feature (Non-member)
Accidentes (Europa) rough terrain (Non-member)
acciones puntuales (en urbanización e infraestructuras) specific actions (Non-member)
acorazado (n.) fig., protected area, (specially) demarcated area Noni Gilbert
acummulaciones coluviales colluvial accumulations (Non-member)
adoquín cobblestone (Non-member)
afloramiento [relating to groundwater] (effluent) seepage (Non-member)
agencia agencia (municipal office) (Non-member)
agregado aggregative Pamela Faber Benitez
agua encauzada channelled water (Non-member)
alcores hills Claudia Vale
Alfaro; Quito; Pichincha Alfaro (Non-member)
altura de una cuchilla on the crest of a hill James A. Walsh
América se caracteriza por disposición del relieve America is characterized by its unique topography Remy Arce
America the Americas (here) Rachel Fell
Amplitud geográfica Geographic Scope (Non-member)
análisis y expresión cartográfica cartographic analysis and design (Non-member)
aplanamientos cuspidales cusp/cuspidal flattenings Valeria Verona
arco de círculo máximo great circle route jlrsnyder
arrecife musulmán muslim road BristolTEc
arroyo Salud Salud creek Fabio Descalzi
área subtendida arriba del punto de captación subtended area above the catchment point (Non-member)
áreas of de amortiguación buffer zone / buffer area (Non-member)
bahía de bolsa pocket bay (Non-member)
bajo de Madrid bajo de Madrid [Translators Note: ground floor in Madrid] Michael Powers (PhD)
bajos sandbanks (Non-member)
banco marisquero shellfish bed (Non-member)
bene nord Benelux North David Hollywood
berma berm (Non-member)
bolsones elevated valleys / basins (Non-member)
bonal peatland/mire (Non-member)
Borde Level (Non-member)
Bordes/Lados de una Quebrada/Barranco banks/sides of gorges/ravines (Non-member)
bravo (as in Rio Bravo) fierce / wild / savage (Non-member)
breñón (large expanse of) scrubland Charles Davis
C.U.P. List of Woodlands of Public Benefit Tom Bodine
Cachón River Cachón (Non-member)
cacheado caching Simon Bruni