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a las acciones desde su iniciativa facilitating reflection and action from their own initiative (Non-member)
a título personal as private citizens (Non-member)
capacidad de las mujeres de demandar rendición de cuentas al estado women's capacity to demand accountability to the government ...
con mayor impacto y alcance del previsto with greater impact and scope than had been anticipated (Non-member)
en riesgo de trabajar at risk of child labour (Non-member)
estructuras structures (Non-member)
fortalecidas en la crianza con ternura better at bringing up their children with affection (Non-member)
intercambio horizontal (usuales) en el movimiento (normal) channels for sharing information on-the-go James A. Walsh
lugares de abastecimiento de alimentos food supply souces (Non-member)
malas prácticas de convivencia en el hogar abuse at home (Non-member)
para ser sometido al acuerdo con to be submitted to/for the approval of (Non-member)
participación protagonica the leading role played by children and youth (Non-member)
que dan salida that lead/contribute to (Non-member)
que les permite incidir that enables them to influence (Non-member)
redes de promotoría de justicia justice advocacy networks (Non-member)
retén de logística logistics team (Non-member)
s/ Recurso extraordinario re. extraordinary appeal Charles Davis
(en nivel de provincia e) intendencia municipality patyjs
(informe) de cierre del primer ciclo de diseño First Design Cycle Closeout Report Alberto Montpellier
...le sirve de contexto vital a... shapes the lives of Alana Quintyne
70% de ejecución del desembolso previo (is conditional upon/depends on) 70% of the previous outlay having been put to use/expended... Mónica Algazi
a favor de la causa institucional in support of the institutional cause (Non-member)
a fin de evitar incumplimientos en la rendición de cuentas in order to ensure accountability James A. Walsh
a la edad correspondiente para el año escolar according to age corresponding to school year (Non-member)
a los tanqueros/camiones cisterna water tankers (Non-member)
A manera de balance In the final analysis (Non-member)
a ver los aviones to spot the planes /airplanes (Non-member)
abonadas con cargo a las aplicaciones presupuestarias paid against/out of the budget allowances Edward Tully
acciones conjuntas joint initiatives/ventures, (future) collaboration Kate Major
acciones sustentadas sobre la base productiva actions supported by the producer base (Non-member)
acertado well-aimed; wise; enlightened, positive, well conceived; sensible, judicious; sound; effective (Non-member)
acordará motivadamente shall determine, stating his/her grounds (Non-member)
Acreditaciones Accreditations (Non-member)
Acta de Declaracion de Emergencia Emergency Declaration Order Taña Dalglish
acta ejecutiva executive/operational report/record/minutes (Non-member)
actas fundamentales fundamental guidelines (Non-member)
Actividad integrada en los xxxxx euros totales presupuestados activities covered by the xxxx Euros budgeted [in total] ... Jaime Hyland
actores key players/stakeholders Kate Major
adjuntia Bureau (Non-member)
adultos referentes de niños significant adults for / in the lives of children (Non-member)