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comitiva retinue, entourage (Non-member)
la forzada a ser siempre escurridiza poética (this author's) always deliberately elusive poetics Charles Davis
tocayo namesake (Non-member)
y menos componente previo exista de espongiofibrosis. and when there are fewer prior indications of spongiofibrosis (Non-member)
!Qué cosa... las vueltas que da la Vida ¡ Incredible!! Life is a carrousel!!! (or roller coaster) Eileen Brophy
"at 14" ... "at 19" page quotations (Non-member)
"bueno, milagros, ni en Loudes" There's no such thing as miracles (Non-member)
"mamita" and "papito" in this context. sweetie-pie & honey-bunch (Non-member)
"proceso inferencial" inference process Maria Elena Martinez
"quedarse corto/a" to pale in comparison to... (Non-member)
"resolución recaída en el expediente" decision/order/resolution/ruling entered on the/this record Margarita Ezquerra (Smart Translators, S.L.)
"vale un ojo de la cara" it costs an arm and a leg (Non-member)
...coger ventaja... get on top of or pile up ...
...con qué... ...nothing to... with (Non-member)
...cubierto... utensil (Non-member)
...estorbando..., ... esto es LO QUE ME está estorbando... getting in my way (Non-member)
...falta mucho... we/ you still have a long way to go Cecilia Della Croce liquidación de los gravámenes de aduana... settlement of custom duties (Non-member) repugna tu actitud (tu comportamiento, etc.) your attitude (behaviour, etc.) disgusts me (Non-member)
...meter la pata, metida de pata... goof up, goof, foul-up, f...-up, louse up, screw up, go wrong, mess up, mess and a half (Non-member)
...meter... cut in / cut in front of (Non-member)
...salida y entrada... ... let on and off... (Non-member) me fue la mano... go too far, overdo it (Non-member)
...sembrar las semillas... to sow the seeds (Non-member) yo estuviera... si yo fuera...(grammar) If I were/ If I was (gramatically correct vs everyday, street talk) Cecilia Della Croce
...tiempo sin verte... long time no see / it's been a while Jaime Oriard
...tomarse la molestia... bother, take the trouble (Non-member)
...volcaduras... overturned (Non-member)
...y sobre todo, sean siempre capaces de sentir en lo más hondo ... and most of all, always be able to feel any injustice profoundly (Non-member)
14. DECLARACIÓN INEXACTA O RETICENTE Imprecise or reluctant statement (declaration) (Non-member)
a canales de creación y difusión channels of creation and dissemination Michael Powers (PhD)
a efectos meramente enunciativos including, without limitation (Non-member)
a hacer fracasar having any impact on/encroaching upon/impinging on/impacting on liz askew
a la que yo vea, se me antoje y puedo, me la cargo if I see a woman I want, I'll f**k her Margarita Gonzalez
a más tardar no later than (Non-member)
a nivel informativo for informational purposes (Non-member)
abrir el camino pave the way for (Non-member)
acaba/ termina antes tus tareas finish your homework first Cecilia Della Croce
acciones llevadas a cabo actions performed OR performed actions (Non-member)
Acortar distancias... To shorten journeys/distances (Non-member)