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Term Translation Entered by
"clasificación de razas de perros" Dog Breed Classification/Classification of Dog Breeds liz askew
"Con el calor, PRODUCT X viene con ideas frescas" "Along with the heat comes PRODUCT X with fresh ideas" Lisa McCarthy
(falsos) violativos (false) violatives (Non-member)
Abuela female grandparent (Non-member)
abuelas grandmother stock S Ben Price
AC Autoridad Competente = competent/appropriate authority lorenab23
acción expoliatriz depletion or spoliation (of nutrients) (Non-member)
Acetaminofeno acetaminophen Simon Critchley
acetiofeneidina acetophenetidine Simon Critchley
Acido acetilsalicílico Acetylsalicylic acid / Salicylate / aspirin Simon Critchley
acido aminonicotínico aminonicotinic acid Simon Critchley
acido antranílico anthranilic acid Simon Critchley
acido enólico enolic acid Simon Critchley
acido fenilacético phenylacetic acid Simon Critchley
acido meclofenámico meclofenamic acid Simon Critchley
Acido mefenámico mephenamic acid Ines Garcia Botana
acido propiónico propionic acid Simon Critchley
acido tolfenámico tolfenamic acid Simon Critchley
acomodar los animales settle the animals Marilena Berca
actas de bovino con incidencias de admisibilidad cattle / bovine animal records with admissibility issues (Non-member)
Ag Compliance Program Director Director del Programa de Cumplimiento (de las buenas prácticas) Agrícola Smartranslators
agente contagioso contagious pathogen liz askew
agregado de valor value added (Non-member)
agroforestal agroforestry (Non-member)
agrozoonomía Agronomy and Zoonomy Edward Tully
aguas de tipo cálcico calcic-type waters / calcic waters / calcium-rich waters (Non-member)
albúminas albumins Smartranslators
alojados a campo animals kept in fields Fernando Tognis
altas dotaciones high numbers (Non-member)
amortiguación buffer Michael Powers (PhD)
animal de corral farmyard/domestic animal (Non-member)
Animal de pedegree vacuno pedigree cattle patinba
animalario animal house (Non-member)
animales de destino target species (Non-member)
animales de recria rearer / animal to be reared (Non-member)
animales de renta o abasto production or slaughter animals ...
animales finos pure bred/pure breeds (Non-member)
animales orejanos unbranded animals Wendy Streitparth
antimamitico treatment/prevention of mastitis ...
aparato genital genital tract Michele Fauble