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amontonarme con la manada ...lumping me with the common herd (Non-member)
codo a codo por in a desperate bid for/in a close/tight battle/vying closely for Carol Gullidge
itinerarios históricos de defensa de la vida traditional views on the sanctity of life Marian Vieyra
mendigos de lujo. upmarket beggars/upper class beggars Eileen Brophy
negaban a la cultura cubana la nutricia raíz que nos llegó de África denied the influence on Cuban culture of our African roots Gilla Evans
no me contarás la retahila. you won't drag on and on... (Non-member)
o sea which was (Non-member)
Porque sí nomás, Just because./Just for the sake of it. (Non-member)
rico pollito yummy food/yummy chicken Silvia Hanine-Studnicki
Un dia dije que dejé de amarte, aunque siga queriendote más allá de la muerte One day I told you that I stopped loving you, even though I will love you until the day I die (Non-member)
Ya tardaba! It couldn't last! / Too much to expect! ...
yo tenía ganas de hablar con usted I\'ve been wanting to talk to you (Non-member)
"...realizar la mayor capacidad de los registros del ser humano." express the fullest possibilities / strike the deepest chords of human sensibilities... eski
"atina color" "that don't even come close" eski
"bracero de sacrificio" sacrificial pyre / sacrificial urn (Non-member)
"Cuartel General de la Junta de Defensa" Headquarters of the (National) Defence Council ...
"curar" cool/awesome Thayenga
"en cuyos patios se alzaba el vapor del ordeño" with steam from the milking rising up from their courtyards Lisa McCarthy
"Es indescifrable el misterio..." "The mystery... is impenetrable" (Non-member)
"fantasía mecánica" Callous fantasy (Non-member)
"juegos florales" floral games (Non-member)
"la historia universal es la de un solo hombre." the history of all men is the history of one man Charles Davis
"la sombra de una falda disfrazada de tia" "the dark shadow of a skirt masquerading as an aunt" Marian Vieyra
"meter a todos en la misma bolsa" lump them all together (Non-member)
"No hay nada tan bello, tan grato y tan grande como las cosas misteriosas" see below (Non-member)
"Para sustos estuvo bueno" That was quite a scare! (Non-member)
"pues á falta de dulce bizcochuelo" Well, if there is no sweet angel cake (Non-member)
"se les pasó la mano" (Does this mean that they killed her?) (Yes, they most likely killed her) they crossed the line, they went overboard, they went too far (Non-member)
"Sentarse en un murete a esperar" "To sit on a low wall to wait" PHYSICIST
"Trapos al sol" air their dirty laundry in public (Non-member)
'no se daba maña con los zapatos de mujer' he did not have a knack for women's shoes (Non-member)
(filtrar) avaramente faintly filtered (Non-member)
(hacer) cricrí to chirp (Non-member)
*sus mercedes* your worships Smartranslators
... en cuyo fondo pasaba un río turbulento... the bottom of which flowed a turbulent river... ...
...el ambiente que se respiraba y que se podía casi palpar no era común... ... the almost tangible atmosphere (of the place) was not commonplace ...
...en esta despedida aunque el amor nos une nos separa la vida this farewell, though love unites us, life separates us (Non-member)
...hizo cortar el puente colgante que comunicaba .... she ordered that the hanging bridge connecting Morro and the city be cut (Non-member)
...los bárbaros puñetazos ... vicious swipes Carol Gullidge
...más años que la tos... old as the hills/dirt... Nigel Greenwood