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"tejiclo" (play on words) I recycle materials - I rematerialise/rematerialize Edward Tully
(resinas) foto-reticulantes UV light induced crosslinking (resins), photo-crosslinking (resins) (Non-member)
(restos de) miera (pieces of) pine resin Charles Davis
*Centro de trabajo a control númerico* numeric control work station Susana Magnani
... clientes, de los cuales tenemos pedidos concretos clients that have placed firm orders with us Edward Tully
a rompe junta in a staggered fashion Iulia Manescu
a testa by butt joint / butt splice (Non-member)
Acañonado Shell David Russell
acero escobado brushed steel Smartranslators
Acero Laminado en Frio Doble Recocido Gobular Cold rolled steel with double globular annealing (Non-member)
acerolit Acerolit (galvanized sheet roofs) (Non-member)
acondicionador para pisos floor conditioner Ltemes
acrilo-nitrilo acrylonitrile (Non-member)
Acrilonitrilo butadieno Estireno acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (Non-member)
agregados pétreos stone aggregates (Non-member)
aire parásito parasite air, parasitic air, infiltrated air BristolTEc
alcadafe a wine bottle drip tray Aida González del Álamo
alistonado lumber-cored Smartranslators
amarre al conductor conductor tie / conductor-tie Coral Getino
anafe cooktop / rangetop Raúl Waldman
aneladas annealed (Non-member)
anillos de Rilsan Rilsan rings (Non-member)
aparejo de juntas jointing rig Iulia Manescu
aplicador applicator (Non-member)
aplicados por arrastre Roll Coating Lucy Williams
aplicados por extrusión. applied by extrusion Lucy Williams
apolillado de madera woodworm effect (Non-member)
arca (glass making) secondary furnace / low temperature furnace (Non-member)
arcaduz bucket Aida González del Álamo
arcilla desmenuzada crumbled clay (Non-member)
asfaltenos asphaltenes Ltemes
ácido pentanoicoeicosa (EPA) / ácido docosahexanoico (DHA) eicosa pentanoic acid (EPA) / docosa hexanoic acid (DHA) Fabio Descalzi
banda desolidarizadora isolation joint (Non-member)
banda fonoaislante sound-isolating strip (Non-member)
barbotinas para atomizado slip sprays Parrot
barra de laton estampadas y con acabados para Francia finished, pressed brass bar for France (Non-member)
basculador tippler psicutrinius
batería de baños bathroom facilities (Non-member)
batido sweep (Non-member)
bezotes (lower) lip ornaments, labret ...