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"pesan" poco but are smaller in size (Non-member)
(ahora que) le ha cogido el punto (now that) it has a decent signal James A. Walsh
28 medios 28 media representatives (Non-member)
A cesar lo que es de Cesar render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's Yaotl Altan
a lo justo perfect timing! James A. Walsh
A pesar de ello y de ser los encargados de que se pueda leer en castellano al fr In spite of it and of being those who make it possible to read the French Marcel Proust.. in Spanish (Non-member)
Abbreviations: IR and TB Investor Relations (Non-member)
abonar una suscripción periódica paying a regular subscription (Non-member)
actor infiltrado extra Margarita Gonzalez
actual institucionalidad the current structure (Non-member)
adherencia a los anuncios televisivos attachment to TV adverts (Non-member)
adjetivada characterised by (in this context) Karen Vincent-Jones
adscrito ascribed/affiliated (Non-member)
al solo riesgo del (see below) ...
anuncios de servicio público public service announcements (PSA) (Non-member)
arma arrojadiza bone of contention / hot potato / divisive issue Noni Gilbert
Álbum album Wendy Streitparth
éxito de concurrencia well-attended/a success in terms of attendance (Non-member)
¿se pierde el uso de libros a la hora de Or, in contrast, do you think the habit of using books for, say, writing a paper is disappearing? (Non-member)
Bases bidding requirements/conditions/guidelines/terms Smartranslators
Basta pensar Just think (Non-member)
bitácora blog Manuela Junghans
burbuja oscura (en cámaras de vigilancia) dark bubble Melina Ruiz Arias
Cable Box / device Decodificador / aparato (Non-member)
cables masivos mass publication of cables (Non-member)
cadena privada de televisión private TV network (Non-member)
cadena televisiva chain (TV) broadcast / (nationwide) simultaneous (TV) broadcast (Non-member)
campaña de logos, politonos y taros campaign for mobile phone ringtones Mari O'Keefe
canales en abierto free channels (Non-member)
canon fee (either officially a royalty fee or tatamount to a royalty fee) Jenni Lukac
Cartela de cierre closing billboard Janine Libbey
catódicamente hablando in the virtual world of TV, that is. Neil Ashby
cámara terapeuta auxiliary camera (Non-member)
ciclo show/program Cyril B.
cinta en mano turnkey (productions) Lavinia Pirlog
circuito radial de emisoras radio station network (Non-member)
cobertor Housing/casing (Non-member)
coger la señal pick up the signal Manuela Junghans
colchón de capítulos minimum number/reserve of episodes Valeria Verona
conceder mérito praise/endorse/back/support/laud (Non-member)