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Term Translation Entered by
(f.å. 4) previous year/last year Jan Schauseil
...samt fordran på finansbolag torde nedskrivningsbehov föreligga. ...and claim on a/the financing company, there is still a requirement for write-downs ... Peter Linton
Aktiekapitalhöjning Increase of Share Capital Rebecca Barath
Almänna avdrag General deductions (Non-member)
Andel riskbärande kapital Risk-bearing capital, % (Non-member)
anmodat belopp requested amount (Non-member)
anskaffningsvärde cost Helena Grahn
ansvarsförbindelser contingent liabilities Helena Grahn
Arb.Tids.F arbetstidsförkortning (Non-member)
att handla med uppkommen fordran to deal with = negotiate the receivable created (Non-member)
attestansvarig authorising manager Peter Linton
Auktoriserad revisor Authorised Public Accountant (but see the discussion) Christine Andersen
avdrag avkast EK discount yield equity Jan Schauseil
avdragen skatt deducted tax David Rumsey
avg... fee (Non-member)
Avkastningskatt Profits tax (Non-member)
Avkastningsvärdering discounted cashflows valuation (Non-member)
Avräkning av förskott deduction of advance payment (Non-member)
avsättningar appropriations (Non-member)
årderingsprinciper (e)valuation principles Helena Grahn
årskull year cohort (Non-member)
årsstamma annual meeting - årsstämma Helena Grahn
återföringsbar reversible (amount) Anders Dalström
återlägga restore Jan Schauseil
återläggning adding back/re-entry/write-back Helen Johnson
återvinningsvärde recoverable amount, recovery value (Non-member)
översoliditet excess equity ratio Paoletrix
balansdag balance sheet day/date (Non-member)
Balanserade utgifter (FoU) Capital expenditures (R&D) (Non-member)
balansomslutning balance sheet total/ total assets/total capital employed Jan Schauseil
balansräkning balance sheet Rebecca Barath
beloppsmässig sammanfattning monetary summary micawber_7
betalningsförslag payment proposal David Rumsey
boka bort remove from the books Jan Schauseil
bokföringsnämmden the Swedish Accounting Standards Board Rebecca Barath
Bokslut annual accounts Peter Linton
Bokslutstransaktion closing transaction (Non-member)
bolagiseras get incorporated; become a separate company (Non-member)
Bolagsverket The Swedish Companies Registration Office Helena Grahn
bortbokning derecognition Christian Schoenberg