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Terms translated by translators via the KudoZ help network

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Term Translation Entered by
Bladning sheeting Plamen Nenchev
elektronisk läsplatta electronic reading pad (Non-member)
Faktatext text box Diarmuid Kennan
färgpatron color cartridge Michele Fauble
ibladning insert insertion / loose insert Helen Johnson
kemiskt raderskydd Chemical erasure protection Rosica Dimitrova
klicket the click Anna Herbst
Korrekturvända round of proofing Plamen Nenchev
plocksida collage (Non-member)
punktlimning spot gluing (Non-member)
sidutmatning/ utmatningsflödet page feed / the feed flow (Non-member)
skärningar av typsnitten cuts of the fonts David Rumsey
spegelblad endpaper Rosica Dimitrova
tidningsmakeri putting together newspapers/magazines ...
tilltryck overprint (Non-member)
uppdelning division (Non-member)
utfall bleed Paul Lambert
Utfallande bleed Plamen Nenchev
Utvik foldout Plamen Nenchev