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Term Translation Entered by
allierad allied with, related to (Non-member)
AMV Arbetsmarknadsverket (AMV) (Employment Service) Michele Fauble
Överanvändande exaggerated usage of (Non-member)
begåvningsmått measurement of cognitive ability/intelligence Michele Fauble
beskuren spridning range restriction (Non-member)
brusa upp lose one\'s temper (Non-member)
drivkraft motivation, \"have motivation\", driving force (Non-member)
IK IQ liz askew
inlärningsteoretisk didactical (Non-member)
innerst inne innermost self/deep inside Michele Fauble
klavertramp faux pas, mistake, blunder (Non-member)
kurator counsellor (Non-member)
mentala energiströmmen flow of mental energy, mental energy flow (Non-member)
närstående close family and friends (Non-member)
Präglingsperioden Critical period, imprinting period, crucial period (Non-member)
prestationspsykologi performance psychology (Non-member)
ptp-psyk Intern position for psychologists at the Landstinget in Sweden Paul Lambert
samtalsmetodik interview methods/interview techniques (Non-member)
självförverkligande self-fulfilment, self-realization ; self-actualizaon (Non-member)
självhävdande self-assertive, assertive (Non-member)
tankeanalys thorough consideration Charles Ek
tankefälla Thought trap (Non-member)
tankemässiga begränsningar conceptual boundaries ...
turtagning turn-taking (Non-member)
underdrag sub characteristic (Non-member)
uppfinningsrikedom inventiveness / ingenuity (Non-member)
utredning evaluation (Non-member)
vanetänkande habitual thinking (alt: thinking inside the box) (Non-member)
vetenskaplig sunt scientifically sound (Non-member)