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Term Translation Entered by
11/2-plansvilla dormer bungalow Helen Johnson
A-lägen Premier positions (Non-member)
adressområde address field Helen Johnson
adressplats address locator Helen Johnson
angöra (in this context) route quincey
Anläggningsarrende leasehold regulated by Chaper 11 of the Swedish Land Code (Non-member)
antagandebeslut decision to accept Helen Johnson
arrendeavtal ground lease; leasehold contract (ground lease) (Non-member)
avfallsskatt waste tax (Non-member)
Avflyttningsredovisning Tenant vacating report/ tenant move-out report (Non-member)
avkastningsfastighet property yield/real estate return (BrEng/AmEng) sschill
avkastningsmetoden (office) gross rental yield method Helen Johnson
avtalet skrivas av på originalavtalet the agreement shall be endorsed on the original contract (Non-member)
ägarlån owner's loan (Non-member)
öppet i nock exposed rafters [layperson's context]/open ridge [more technical context] Helen Johnson
Ö-vån upper floor Michele Fauble
basförsäkring basic insurance (plan) Helen Johnson
belastningsattacker (distributed) denial of service David Rumsey
belånade datapantbrev mortgaged data mortgage deed(s) Helen Johnson
bindningstid (loan) lock-in period; (land-buy) lockout period David Rumsey
blockförhyr a group of flats/apartments let (leased) in a single contract (Non-member)
boets utredning och avveckling administration and winding up of the estate (Non-member)
bostadsexploatering housing development Jan Schauseil
brasrum lounge (fireplace lounge, lounge with open fire) Peter Linton
brist i garanti breach of covenant (land)/of warranty (sale of goods) (Non-member)
byggnadsyta {(developed) floorspace; the square metre ground area (Non-member)
bytomt commons; village green quincey
civilrättslig legal; pertaining to civil law (Non-member)
dämpningsregel Graduated relief [on a tax-base uplift] (Non-member)
delägarförvaltning residents\' (UK commonholders\') association management (Non-member)
dispositionen över disposition rights over (Non-member)
driftmoms VAT on operating costs Helen Johnson
egen fastighet freehold property; dream home/own property (Non-member)
enligt ök as agreed [Enligt överenskommelse] Helen Johnson
etablerare entrepreneur (Non-member)
faktura såsom engångshyra invoice as special rent surcharges dmesnier
faran för fastigheten damages to the property; property risk (term of art) (Non-member)
fastighetsbestånd properties/property holdings/premises: real estate assets (Non-member)
fastighetsbildningsåtgärd property formation measure (Non-member)
Fastighetsrättsliga förhållande: Självständig Legal status of property: Independent David Rumsey