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Term Translation Entered by
bankkort debit card David Rumsey
betalkort charge card David Rumsey
bruttovinstgivare high gross profit items (Non-member)
butikskonsulent sales consultant (Non-member)
butikssäljare salesperson Charlesp
dagligvaru grocery trade, convenience goods Charlesp
dfp delförpackning Charlesp
falla ut till to be redeemed Helen Johnson
fastställande (text) approved for publication Peter Linton
förpackade en och en individually packaged, individually wrapped, single-pack Charlesp
Filéost rindless cheese (Non-member)
folkbokföringsadress address on file in the [Swedish] central population database David Rumsey
Fordringen Receivable, Claim David Rumsey
framstämpling from the date of production (Non-member)
Frågan är inte längre vad utan vad du vill mäta It is no longer a question of what, but what you want to measure Ciarán Rooney
fyndtorg bargain area, bargain market, bargain bins, discount market, discount bins (Non-member)
Grenkil crotch gusset (Non-member)
GSV Gross sales volume (Non-member)
Hemtagning av varor Goods intake Peter Linton
Hyllarbete Shelf stocker, shelfer, shelver, stocker, stockboy Charlesp
internotor internal invoices (Non-member)
isydd tumme sewn-on thumb (Non-member)
kassaförlopp checkout procedure Paul Lambert
kategoriansvarig category manager (Non-member)
konkurrent- begränsningshandling. non-compete clause / covenant / agreement Peter Linton
Löpande priser current prices (Non-member)
lösviktsgodis pick and mix sweets Helen Johnson
leverantörrevision review of suppliers (Non-member)
Markettechnicsmässan i USA Markettechnics (in the USA) Christine Andersen
mönsterskyddad registered design Paul Lambert
neoprenmapp neoprene folder (Non-member)
omplockningsschema repicking schedule Charlesp
sälja in sell in Paul Lambert
sensorisk sensory Michele Fauble
slås (ut) printed Helen Johnson
sortimentschef Product range manager (Non-member)
styckköp per item purchase/per unit purchase Michele Fauble
urvalshandel comparison retailers/comparison retail Charles Ek