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Term Translation Entered by
bankkort debit card David Rumsey
betalkort charge card David Rumsey
bruttovinstgivare high gross profit items (Non-member)
butikskonsulent sales consultant (Non-member)
butikssäljare salesperson (Non-member)
dagligvaru grocery trade, convenience goods (Non-member)
dfp delförpackning (Non-member)
falla ut till to be redeemed Helen Johnson
fastställande (text) approved for publication Peter Linton
förpackade en och en individually packaged, individually wrapped, single-pack (Non-member)
Filéost rindless cheese (Non-member)
folkbokföringsadress address on file in the [Swedish] central population database David Rumsey
Fordringen Receivable, Claim David Rumsey
framstämpling from the date of production (Non-member)
Frågan är inte längre vad utan vad du vill mäta It is no longer a question of what, but what you want to measure (Non-member)
fyndtorg bargain area, bargain market, bargain bins, discount market, discount bins (Non-member)
Grenkil crotch gusset (Non-member)
GSV Gross sales volume (Non-member)
Hemtagning av varor Goods intake Peter Linton
Hyllarbete Shelf stocker, shelfer, shelver, stocker, stockboy (Non-member)
internotor internal invoices (Non-member)
isydd tumme sewn-on thumb (Non-member)
kassaförlopp checkout procedure Paul Lambert
kategoriansvarig category manager (Non-member)
konkurrent- begränsningshandling. non-compete clause / covenant / agreement Peter Linton
Löpande priser current prices (Non-member)
lösviktsgodis pick and mix sweets Helen Johnson
leverantörrevision review of suppliers (Non-member)
Markettechnicsmässan i USA Markettechnics (in the USA) Christine Andersen
mönsterskyddad registered design Paul Lambert
neoprenmapp neoprene folder (Non-member)
omplockningsschema repicking schedule (Non-member)
sälja in sell in Paul Lambert
sensorisk sensory Michele Fauble
självläge self-service SafeTex
slås (ut) printed Helen Johnson
sortimentschef Product range manager (Non-member)
styckköp per item purchase/per unit purchase Michele Fauble
urvalshandel comparison retailers/comparison retail Charles Ek