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Term Translation Entered by
bottnar plates Cetra Hastings
brinellhårdhet Brinell hardness number Peter Linton
cirkelpassare pair of compasses Helen Johnson
Dinatriumcyanoditloimidokarbonat Disodium cyanodithiomidocarbonate Helen Johnson
felkörning faulty run (Non-member)
Felstaplar error bars David Rumsey
Garanterad kontra typiskt minimum versus average quincey
glaspåsarna lens packaging; lens bags Helen Johnson
inkörning running in (Non-member)
samanalys combined analysis (Non-member)
självsyn self-view (Non-member)
sträcktiden the migration period Helen Johnson
syn.: [plus species] synonym [species name] Helen Johnson
toppunktsavstånd back vertex distance (BVD) Helen Johnson
underrisker lower than average/normal risk (Non-member)