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Term Translation Entered by
aktör participant (Non-member)
altbo social housing quincey
att arbeta svart work in the black ecomomy quincey
avledningsbar distractible dmesnier
B-tjänster Part B services (Non-member)
Barnatillsyningsmannen child welfare officer (Non-member)
behandling i öppna former treatment as an outpatient Mats Wiman
behandlingsassistent addiction treatment assistant (Non-member)
Brudskål toast for the bride and groom (Non-member)
fasat bevelled Helen Johnson
förutsättning abilities and skills/potential (Non-member)
frågelådan question box (Non-member)
handlingsförmåga och kompetens viability and competence quincey
HVB-hem residential care homes for children and young persons quincey
idéburen ideology-driven (Non-member)
invandrarskap immigrantness (Non-member)
Jourhem Emergency foster care Catherine Skala
könsförnedrande degrading to women (depending on context) (Non-member)
konkurrensutsättningsprogram program for opening up to competition (Non-member)
kranskommun outer suburb Anna Herbst
länsgemensam county-wide (but only here) quincey
leva härst reside here micawber_7
meckande cutting and preparring [cannabis] (Non-member)
mv. etc. (Non-member)
Myndighetsfrånvänd unreceptive to authority Catherine Skala
objektanställning employment by task Helena Grahn
Omplacera placement change Catherine Skala
omsorgsverksamhet nursing and social care facilities (Non-member)
personalgrupp personnel group Linda Theis
personalvetare human resources specialist, studying human resources management Paul Lambert
rättvisetänkande justice orientation/duty-orientation Helen Johnson
regeltvång tyranny of rules Thomas Johansson
samarbetsorganisation partner, collaborative, joint venture, coordination, coordinating, consultative (Non-member)
samlandet collecting Cynthia Coan
särkullbarn children from a previous marriage or relationship (Non-member)
seniorhus senior housing Helen Johnson
servicehus "servicehus"*(+ footnote) (Non-member)
socialtjänstverksamhet social services departments quincey
spelmansstämma folk music festival/ fiddlers' festival (Non-member)
spisölsbruntar cupbearer Lars Jelking