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Term Translation Entered by
frekvenshoppande frequency hop mode (Non-member)
mobil positionering mobile positioning (Non-member)
3-ställig 3-character/3-digit (Non-member)
accessnät access network (Non-member)
aluminiumsvep aluminum wrapping quincey
anslutningsnät access network quincey
arbetsprocess working process (Non-member)
ändamålsgrupper target groups (Non-member)
öppningsavgift connection fee/access fee; call set-up fee (Non-member)
Åtgärdslistor Action lists (Non-member)
Baklängesuppslagningen Reverse lookup (Non-member)
böjokänslig bend-insensitive quincey
beslutsträd decision tree (Non-member)
beslutsunderlag basis for a decision (Non-member)
bock tick (Non-member)
branschglidning cross-segment merchandising / analysis David Rumsey
bryta ut (in this context) separate/break out quincey
brythjul return(ing) wheel quincey
Det mesta lärarna säger kollar hon upp Most of what the teachers say she checks out Michele Fauble
distributörer och aggregatörer distributors and aggregators David Rumsey
dra öronen åt sig get cold feet; become wary David Rumsey
effektivitetsmässigt greater effectiveness Peter Linton
efterbearbetning post processing (Non-member)
egenutvecklat developed in-house Peter Linton
Eskalationer Escalations (Non-member)
fabrikskontakterade produkter preconnected products quincey
fast sekundärskyddade tight secondary protection quincey
fastnätsnummer landline number David Rumsey
förbindelsebestånd connection portfolio quincey
förvalskund (customer who has chosen a) preferred carrier, preferred telecommunications service provider (Non-member)
FB-nummer FB number Helen Johnson
fiberband fiber ribbon quincey
fibersvets Fusion Splicer quincey
finförgrenande finely branched quincey
formen the shape (Non-member)
fräsgrävning countersinking quincey
friliggande (in this context) detached quincey
Fristående abonnemang stand-alone plan David Rumsey
gatumark road Helen Johnson
går tillbaka genom jord returns through earth Mats Wiman