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Term Translation Entered by
att mecka en holk to pack a bowl (Non-member)
ös awesome, wild (Non-member)
baka in frågan i svaret incorporate the question in the answer Paul Lambert
Bildsätta put images to Plamen Nenchev
blattarna the foreigners (derogatory) Anna Herbst
bonnhåla boonies, boondocks, Hicksville, the country, the sticks (Non-member)
element radiator David Rumsey
en smunkig jävel a parasitic (or freeloading) devil (Non-member)
ett grymt lårparti Killer thighs David Rumsey
falsksång off-key singing David Rumsey
Fröet ligger i The seed has been sown Helen Johnson
fy sjuttsingen Darn it, Damn it, Shit (Non-member)
gården youth recreation centre/club (Non-member)
ge honom på käften kick/beat his ass, teach him a lesson, punch him out (Non-member)
gräddfil Inside track/fast track; advantage (Non-member)
gula libbet Lebanese gold (Non-member)
invandrarbrytning who try to sound like foreigners (Non-member)
Jag har fått soppatorsk I've run out of juice (Non-member)
kan det lika gärna va (then) what\'s the point (Non-member)
kasta sig huvudstupa utför en klippa throw oneself headlong off a cliff ...
kicker member of a non-ethnically-Swedish gang (Non-member)
lägg ner drop it, cut it out, stop it (Non-member)
lätt sure thing (Non-member)
lördagsmysprogram Saturday night family entertainment David Rumsey
lite väl cool a little/bit too cool (Non-member)
Näverkåta Lapp cot Plamen Nenchev
Och inte kommit med? and didn't get in ...
på andra plan on other levels David Rumsey
rökt på smoked out, smoked weed (or hash) (Non-member)
Rengärde reindeer pen Plamen Nenchev
så pass Is that right?/You don't say! [see explanation] (Non-member)
sågad längs fotknölarna cut down to size (Non-member)
sitta på två stolar a foot in both camps Helen Johnson
slå back på maskin backpedal (Non-member)
spinna loss let her rip, let it rip, let 'er rip, let loose Larry Abramson
svartskallar chavs Helen Johnson
svennar (mildly derogatory word for) native Swedes (Non-member)
sverige ger aldrig upp Sweden will never give up (Non-member)
ta bort hängslen och rem pull out all the stops Paul Lambert
trixande och fixande wheeling and dealing (Non-member)