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Term Translation Entered by
affärsmedvetenhet business sense, business orientation, business awareness David Rumsey
att våga stå för vem man är dare to show your true colours, stand up for yourself, show your true nature Christine Andersen
äga (in this context) own Charles Ek
”Le mot världen, och världen ler mot dig” Smile and the world smiles with you ...
byta fot adapt to the situation (Non-member)
dryg overbearing Anna Herbst
Ensam är inte alltid starkast No man is an island Terese Whitty
Flitens lampa lyser burning the midnight oil Plamen Nenchev
gå vind för våg let things take care of themselves (Non-member)
gympa exercise (Non-member)
I bagaget In store David Rumsey
i samhällets tjänst for the common good e-beth
jag har en clown i örat? Have I got a clown in my ear? / Is there an echo in here? Shawn Champion
men icke förty but in spite of this Hanne Rask Sønderborg
motionsbehandling discussion of motions ...
motorjippo car show (Non-member)
om stjärnorna står rätt with a bit of luck Helen Johnson
på löpande band time and again / continuously / continual (Non-member)
prånglats ut peddled/foisted off/palmed off Shawn Champion
slagskott i krysset hits right on the dot (Non-member)
slår oss på fingrarna nobody can beat us Jan Schauseil
Smultronställe favourite (childhood) haunt/spot Peter Linton
Ta vara på flytet keep going while the going is good Paul Lambert
tappa masken let go (Non-member)
tar man fan i båten får man ro honom i land if you dance with the devil, you have to pay the piper (Non-member)
teknikanvändning use of technology, technological applications David Rumsey
träffa plankan literally: hit the board (Non-member)
Vägen dit ... you can get there by ..... ...
vänskap utan skuggor unconditional friendship (Non-member)
vilda apor / lyfta apan Chattering monkeys\' pass the buck (banana skin) Paul Lambert