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Term Translation Entered by
Är nog ingen ny Hugh Johnson It\'s certainly not the new Hugh Johnson Aquamarine76
blaguen the blague (Non-member)
blänkare short notice (in news media) Lars Jelking
det ena last flaket efter det andra lines of trucks with open cargo bays...with partying gymnasium students; (one flatbed lorry after the other) (Non-member)
draghjälp pace-setting / with help from someone/thing to set the pace Peter Linton
färdigskurna cropped David Rumsey
Håll om, Håll ut, Häll i........... Present, Persistent, Peaceful, Provision, Placate Christian Schoenberg
informationsköpare purchaser of information (for further disemination); information broker (Non-member)
klickisar click magnets (Non-member)
klippts ur artikel taken from xxx\'s/xxx\'s article (in this context) Aquamarine76
komma förbi stuprören overcome obstacles (Non-member)
markeringsformat selection format David Rumsey
Om man hinner If there's time (Non-member)
organisations-Sverige organizational Sweden (Non-member)
paxar claim (or slang 'call dibs') Deane GOLTERMANN
stålbad baptism of fire/acid test (Non-member)
styrkeområden Areas of strength /(Areas of advance) David Rumsey
tilltal appeal Deane GOLTERMANN
webbdelar web parts David Rumsey