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Term Translation Entered by
sammanfogade för stabilitet, ... urfräst joined for stability....milled (out) (Non-member)
"rätt från mig" "right from me" = "get it right, the first time" (LEAN) (Non-member)
anläggningssystem plant system (Non-member)
att docka till connect to quincey
aviavgift administration fee, invoicing fee, advising fee (Non-member)
avvikelsehantering deviation handling (Non-member)
är spunna i pianotråd the bedsprings are made of piano wire / music wire (Non-member)
Övervakar rampningen av temperaturbörvärdet Monitors the ramping of the temperature setpoint (Non-member)
basindustrin base industry (Non-member)
böcklängd bending length SafeTex
bits bits (Non-member)
biyta ancillary area/spaces ...
bricketikett tray label, case label, box label Helen Johnson
bullerplank noise barrier, noise wall (Non-member)
chargenummer charge number (batch of steel) (Non-member)
dagmått clear opening Peter Linton
dataprovas tested with a computer (Non-member)
delprodukt subproduct (partially assembled product) (Non-member)
deponi (deponering) gas biogas (Non-member)
dubbelväggsisolering double/cavity wall insulation (Non-member)
dymlingar dowels / dowel pins (Non-member)
elcentral distribution box (Non-member)
falstrissa fold roller (Non-member)
följekort shop traveler (Non-member)
försänkt countersunk; recessed (Non-member)
förvädringstid ventilation time (Non-member)
fettkomponenter fat components (Non-member)
fickor för sladdar cutouts for electric cords (Non-member)
flaggar signals (Non-member)
formfilt form felt, couching felt ...
fotbädd footbed ...
Göt, stång, valsämnen ingots/billets, bars, rolled billets Jan Schauseil
Gjutna valsar cast rollers Jan Schauseil
gnistfångare spark arrestor; spark suppressor; spark catcher (Non-member)
godsmärke shipping marks David Rumsey
helhetslösning comprehensive solution ...
Hyllplats shelf location (Non-member)
impulsslang impulse hose (Non-member)
insatsvaror input goods (Non-member)
inslussning Inflow (Non-member)