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Term Translation Entered by
AD Art Director SafeTex
Anpassas till målgruppen adapts to the target group (Non-member)
ansvarig manager (Non-member)
Används med försiktighet. proceeds with care (Non-member)
Arbetsresultat work performance, performance (Non-member)
AV-Utrustning Audio visual equipment SafeTex
avsändare / juridisk avsändare sender/legal sender (Non-member)
även när det stormar even when the going gets tough, or things are rough, or "even when faced with a difficult situation" (Non-member)
bodies body stockings (Non-member)
byggbod builder's cabin/hut (Non-member)
dörrsnurra revolving door (Non-member)
direktreklam direct advertising Paul Lambert
dukskyltar flexible face signs (Non-member)
Eurosize-tavlor Eurosize boards (Non-member)
fastnar på näthinnan (it is not a commercial that) sticks in one's mind (Non-member)
förarplatsskylt Driver's cab advert Helen Johnson
försäljningsmat (abbrev.) sales material (Non-member)
fikonspråk a secret language, a style that uses a lot of complicated expressions that are meant to be intelligible only to a select circle (Non-member)
fläckar stains (Non-member)
Gatupratare pavement sign; pavement board Plamen Nenchev
glansmedel brightening agent (Non-member)
har gått hem hos has caught on with quincey
hippa typer trendy people (Non-member)
konceptbyrå advertising and branding agency Randi Stenstrop
lansare marknadsförare Lars Jelking
nativkampanj native (advertising) campaign brigidm
på köpet thrown in in the bargain (for free when you buy something else) (Non-member)
Personliga möten på festivalen. Face to face meetings at the festival (Non-member)
Plattan background (Non-member)
pressbearbetning to get the press/media interested (Non-member)
prestigelöst unpretentious; prestige-mindedness/humble (Non-member)
produktionsbyrå production agency Anna Herbst
profilansvarig profile director, profile manager (Non-member)
Profilartiklar promotional giftware; branded giftware; logo giftware Plamen Nenchev
Profilering, profilverksamhet market positioning/brand imaging activities Mats Wiman
PUL (personuppgiftslagen) Privacy Protection Law (Non-member)
rapportmönster repeat pattern, pattern repeat (repeat weave on textiles) Christine Andersen
rök- och kemdykning BA firefighting operations (breathing apparatus) SafeTex
rörliga media motion media Michele Fauble
reklamsläp [towed] advertising banner Helen Johnson