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Term Translation Entered by
Anpassas till målgruppen adapts to the target group (Non-member)
Används med försiktighet. proceeds with care (Non-member)
Arbetsresultat work performance, performance (Non-member)
AV-Utrustning Audio visual equipment SafeTex
avsändare / juridisk avsändare sender/legal sender (Non-member)
även när det stormar even when the going gets tough, or things are rough, or "even when faced with a difficult situation" (Non-member)
bodies body stockings (Non-member)
byggbod builder's cabin/hut (Non-member)
dörrsnurra revolving door (Non-member)
direktreklam direct advertising Paul Lambert
dukskyltar flexible face signs (Non-member)
Eurosize-tavlor Eurosize boards (Non-member)
fastnar på näthinnan (it is not a commercial that) sticks in one's mind (Non-member)
förarplatsskylt Driver's cab advert Helen Johnson
försäljningsmat (abbrev.) sales material (Non-member)
fikonspråk a secret language, a style that uses a lot of complicated expressions that are meant to be intelligible only to a select circle (Non-member)
fläckar stains (Non-member)
Gatupratare pavement sign; pavement board Plamen Nenchev
glansmedel brightening agent (Non-member)
har gått hem hos has caught on with quincey
hippa typer trendy people (Non-member)
konceptbyrå advertising and branding agency (Non-member)
lansare marknadsförare Lars Jelking
nativkampanj native (advertising) campaign brigidm
på köpet thrown in in the bargain (for free when you buy something else) (Non-member)
Personliga möten på festivalen. Face to face meetings at the festival (Non-member)
Plattan background (Non-member)
pressbearbetning to get the press/media interested (Non-member)
prestigelöst unpretentious; prestige-mindedness/humble (Non-member)
produktionsbyrå production agency Anna Herbst
profilansvarig profile director, profile manager (Non-member)
Profilartiklar promotional giftware; branded giftware; logo giftware Plamen Nenchev
Profilering, profilverksamhet market positioning/brand imaging activities Mats Wiman
PUL (personuppgiftslagen) Privacy Protection Law (Non-member)
rapportmönster repeat pattern, pattern repeat (repeat weave on textiles) Christine Andersen
rök- och kemdykning BA firefighting operations (breathing apparatus) SafeTex
rörliga media motion media (Non-member)
reklamsläp [towed] advertising banner Helen Johnson
slipad guldkant på tillvaron make your life gilt-edged Peter Linton
smörig reklam fawning advertising (Non-member)