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Term Translation Entered by
bedöms som ringa are considered small Mats Wiman
bildväggen screen [image] backdrop Helen Johnson
dagmanus daily script, schedule (Non-member)
De svarta maskerna the black masks ...
förbutik foyer shop Cynthia Coan
filmpolitiska klimatet cinepolitical climate; political climate for the film industry, film industry policy (Non-member)
hopsättning montage (Non-member)
innehållsbild content picture (Non-member)
köpfilm films for sale (Non-member)
klippbilder match cuts; clips; (could be "transition images") (Non-member)
klippversion cut version (Non-member)
knäck take (Non-member)
ledig (in this context) vacant (Non-member)
likriktningen standardisation/standardization, homogenization, uniformity, sameness (Non-member)
logistikansvarig logistics manager Michele Fauble
marknät terrestrial network (Non-member)
matfilmsproduktion cooking show production: Production of cookery programme Michele Fauble
mickförstärkning microphone amplifier Helen Johnson
motorrulle Car movie Christine Andersen
patentdrama well-worn story line (Non-member)
påa introduction Anna Herbst
påannons introductory announcement Yasutomo Kanazawa
pekoralistisk pretentious trash (Non-member)
programansvarig program director Anna Herbst
programledare host (Non-member)
ramspända [projektionsdukar] framed [projection screen(s)]; frame mounted [projection screen(s)] Helen Johnson
rubbe heading (Non-member)
sejfa to play it safe (Non-member)
sittsynk in-situ interview (Non-member)
stockar, stockbilder stock photo/image (Non-member)
synk sync or synchronization (Non-member)
uppburen ersättning payments (already) collected Christine Andersen
vandringspokal Travelling trophy Deane GOLTERMANN
vinnartåg string of wins Michele Fauble