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Term Translation Entered by
dataställ fitting Helen Johnson
"Använd en överhandsfräs för att fräsa spåret. Frässtål 15mm" Use a router to mill the track. Milling tool 15 mm. (Non-member)
"bruten" white colour off-white (Non-member)
"Hönan på väg" "The gin is being lowered" (Non-member)
(den fasta) kostnadelen (the fixed) part of the cost (Non-member)
(levereras) styckesvis piecewise; piece by piece; in individual units; one at a time. TechLawDC
(vagg/fassad)kassett (wall / facing) cassette (Non-member)
100-dörr 100 cm (wide) door Helen Johnson
3-glas isolerfönster triple glazed window (Non-member)
3-polig brytning 3-pole breaking Anders Dalström
A-ram A-frame Rosica Dimitrova
A-skatt; A-prislist; procentpåslag preliminary income tax, schedule of rates, percentage surcharge (Non-member)
ABT 94 Allmänna bestämmelser för totalentreprenader 94, ie, ABT 94 David Rumsey
ackordsöverskott piece-work supplement (Non-member)
ACO-drän ACO drain amatsyuk
Adressering addressing (Non-member)
AF-del Administrative Regulations section (Non-member)
allmänna hjälpmedel supporting tools (Non-member)
allvarliga händelser serious incidents (Non-member)
alt. (here) or Diarmuid Kennan
ANBUDS PM Notice to tenderers (NTT) David Rumsey
Anbudsprövning tender analysis Cecelia Murphy
anläggningsarbete construction work (Non-member)
anläggningsmassa volume of installations Diarmuid Kennan
anliggande tightly against (Non-member)
anordna upplag establish storages Cecelia Murphy
anslagstyp impact sensor Rosica Dimitrova
Apparatdosan används när man vill dra alla elkablar i plaströr The junction box is used when one wants to run all electrical cables in plastic conduits (Non-member)
arbetsbädd work bed Helen Johnson
arbetsmiljöansvar working environment responsibility Anders Dalström
avdragna kanter beveled edges Rosica Dimitrova
Avdragning levelling/screeding Deane GOLTERMANN
Avhängning Suspension (Non-member)
avjämning levelling (Non-member)
avledande dropp och uppsamlingsranor overflow pipe and drains (Non-member)
avloppsstos drain pipe connection Eva P
avlyst [e.g. arbetsområde] restricted Helen Johnson
avriktning alignment Anders Dalström
avsäkra fuse (verb) Anders Dalström
avskärmning screens Kristina Thorne