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Term Translation Entered by
aprikotyr apricot glaze or apricot icing Helen Johnson
örtknäcke herbal crispbread (Non-member)
ev possibly (Non-member)
Favo rerun lax teriaki Favorite "repeat" salmon teriaki (Non-member)
flerrätters tasting menu SafeTex
getostrippel goat\'s cheese ripple Plamen Nenchev
hälsovåffla health recipe waffle Christine Andersen
hållbarhet storage life (Non-member)
hjortytterfilé fillet of venison (Non-member)
i skön förening in delectable harmony Michele Fauble
jässkåpet proofing cabinet, proofing oven (Non-member)
kittost washed rind cheese (Non-member)
kycklingfiléputs trimmings from chicken breasts (Non-member)
lammfiol salted and dried (or smoked) leg of lamb (or mutton) (Non-member)
Lågtempererad Low temperature cooked Plamen Nenchev
Linjeskötare line cook Plamen Nenchev
mellankalvsrygg Chuck and Blade/Fore rib of veal e-beth
mjälla tender (Non-member)
Plankkväll Planked food evening SafeTex
Röra mix, mixes (re food) (Non-member)
Roslagstema Roslag theme (Non-member)
smörsvängda lightly butter-sautéed SafeTex
spänstig (to describe asparagus) crisp (Non-member)
sprödbakade baked crisp Christine Andersen
spunnet socker spun sugar (Non-member)
stickugn rack oven (Non-member)
storhushåll mass catering Anders Dalström
strömmingsflundra two fillets of Baltic herring [stuffed with dill or parsley] Christine Andersen
Tomatkross Crushed tomatoes Plamen Nenchev
Västerbottensallad Västerbotten salad Plamen Nenchev
vita dukar white tablecloth (restaurant) SafeTex